Halloween 2012: What are you doing tonight?

Me, last year around Halloween

Today doesn't feel like Halloween.

As a kid, I remember decorating my aunt's house with orange and black crepe paper streamers and putting final touches on my costume.

As a teenager, I helped my friend Carmen plan a party with horror movies and plastic bugs and pizzas.

Last year, a few days before the 31st, I went to Disney's Fort Wilderness with my then boyfriend to check out its festive spirit. The day of Halloween, he and his family dumped me, so it was just me, the cat, satellite tv and a bag of Doritos.

Even that felt more Halloween than today.

This year, the weather is dreary (though we in Toronto are better off than America's east coast). I'm too old to go trick-or-treating. I wasn't invited to any parties. I didn't plan my own because I'm broke
and feel borderline anti-social.

My day has picked up since this morning, when I lazed in bed feeling sorry for myself (blech). I went for a walk (forget the rain!), got a hot cup of coffee and bought some 25% off fun size Snickers bars.

My mom and I had tomato soup, cheddar cheese and bagels for dinner and are sitting with the cat listening to Johnny Cash in our fuzzy pyjamas.

This Halloween may not be what Halloween is 'supposed to be', but it's far from gloomy.

What are you doing tonight?

Plum for Fall/Winter 2012

Here are 3 ways to wear plum (the colour everyone is talking about this season!):


Plum for Fall 2012

I'm especially enamoured of that Vivienne Westwood dress (centre)!

Plum Accessories for Fall 2012


Plum Makeup for Fall 2012

What's your favourite plum piece? Tell me in the comments below!

Link Love 27.10.2012

Happy Saturday, sugar! Link time:

Taylor Swift's new video for Begin Again is fantastic. It's beautifully done, it's a lovely song, and it's a bit of a departure from her teen angst-infused love songs.

This Slut Votes is a great resource for those affected by the upcoming American election, who identify as feminist, or who simply think slut-shaming is stupid.

This week, the quality of Ragen Chastain's writing is unsurpassed! An excerpt from her latest article about the "Skinny Minnie Mouse" campaign:

'I’ve seen this won’tsomebodythinkofthefatties technique used in discussions from global warming to contraception to politics.  It goes like this – someone writes a blog or article that says  “here is my well thought out opinion on this issue that has nothing to do with fat people.”  Then someone literally leaves a comment that says “But what about obesity?”

'What about it?  Dude, this has nothing to do with obesity.  You might as well have said “What about the new Smurfs movie?” It’s exactly as relevant. Besides which, obesity is a body size – it’s not an eating disorder, it’s not a diagnosis, it’s not the problem, and it’s not part of the discussion. It’s a body size".'

Cat Bounce: I haven't got a clue what this nonsense is, but it's mesmerizing! (link via Nubby Twiglet).

Emergency Compliment is fantastic. (Also via Nubby).

Mr Obama seems like such a fantastic guy. In this interview, Obama states that rape is rape, cracks jokes and is overall good-natured and awesome. And he mocks Donald Trump. Ha!

This post from Amanda Abella at Grad Meets World is quite empowering:

"Regardless of whether you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, living in your parents’ basement or working a measly hourly job you have to be very clear on one thing: you have to know that you are valuable. You have to believe in abundance. You have to get in a mind set where you are confident about your finances regardless of what is going on right now".

Enjoy your weekend!

How To Cope With Travel Anxiety

I'm a classic example of a person with travel anxiety. I get nervous before I leave for a trip, and often have panic attacks on the road.

But I love to travel.

My anxiety isn't as bad as it used to be, and that has taken a lot of effort. 

To read my top tips for coping with travel anxiety, check out this mental health article I wrote for Examiner.com.

Image Source

NYC's Museum of Sex

Last week in New York City, I had an amazing time exploring, shopping and sightseeing. But one of the highlights of my trip was checking out (pun intended!) the Museum of Sex.

I know anything with 'sex' in the name doesn't sound like a vacation destination (especially one that's not rated R and is found on 5th avenue), but believe me, this museum is a must-see if you're interested in science, history, or simply learning about sexuality.

Current exhibits at MoSex include F*CK ART, Universe of Desire and The Sex Lives of Animals, as well as the excellent Permanent Collection.

F*CK ART is a joint project between the museum and 20 select street artists, to "push the boundaries of our relationship to sexuality in public space". I found the idea intriguing, because sexuality remains incredibly taboo in our society. I thought Miss Van's art was especially incredible.

 Intimate photos sent as MMS's on Blackberries
Universe of Desire explores how sexuality and technology are intertwined. This exhibit held my attention the longest, probably because I came of age when social media began to grow popular. PIC?

The Sex Life of Animals is a ground-breaking exhibit that shows the public just how similar our sexual interests and behaviours are to those of animals. This exhibit proves that multiple genders, prostitution, sex for pleasure and homosexuality are completely natural, because they are found in species other than our own.

Vibrators from the 1800s

The Permanent Collection includes French pin-up post cards, vintage photos, fetish gear and RealDolls (which you're welcome to touch). The Victorian vibrators are my favourite part of the collection, because I'm fascinated by the history of Psychiatry, which is more connected to vibrators than you'd expect!

 Condom Lollipops! So cute.

The museum also has a store, which is the New York destination for books about sexuality, erotic art, penis-shaped pasta, fuzzy hand-cuffs or a designer vibrator.

For more information, visit the museum's website.

Have you ever visited MoSex? What do you think of this museum?

Press tickets were provided free of charge. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and remain unaffected by MoSex's generosity.

What I Wore: My 21st Birthday

This post is pretty late, but I loved this outfit and can't resist sharing!

What I Wore:

Top: Old Navy
Crinoline: eBay
Leggings: Forever21+
Bag: Gift. Brand is possibly Danier.
Shoes: Nine West

I used to wear crinolines all the time in junior high, so it felt nice to go back to that simpler, more whimsical period in my life. I love how I feel when I wear petticoats!

And I adore these shoes. They're covered in sparkling black sequins and are so much fun to wear.

What did you wear on your last birthday?

My Fall Beauty Bag

Fall Beauty Bag

Mid-way through this Fall, I've noticed that many of my go-to beauty products have changed with the seasons, while some old standbys have remained in my glittery makeup bag year-round:

-Mascara. I love Julep's mascara. It lengthens beautifully and comes in a cute bottle.

-Lip balm with SPF. Just because there's less sun in Fall doesn't mean your lips don't need protection from UV rays. I like Maybelline's Baby Lips. To moisturize my lips, I prefer EOS in sweet mint.

-Moisturizer with SPF. See above. Plus, my skin feels hydrated and healthy. I usually don't even put foundation on top. I love Yves Rocher's hydrating moisturizer.

-Lip stain. Dark, statement-making lips are en vogue, and I love how a berry lip looks on me. Stain means I don't have to touch it up often, which is great for a busy girl.

-Lip gloss. I use gloss every season! Right now I'm really enjoying Cake's (and you can buy a tube from my store).

-Nail polish: Revlon's polish is fabulous! Lately I've been alternating between "Minted" and "Cherries in the Snow" manicures.

What's in your fall beauty bag? How are you going to update it for winter?

Comfy, Cozy, Stylish Sweaters

Comfy, Cozy, Stylish Sweaters

A great sweater can take you from day to night and from Autumn to Winter. Here are some of my top choices:

Lace trim cardigan. Lace detailing adds to the elegance of a cardigan. This one would look amazing with jeans and a top, or over a dress.

Striped sweater: Three words: classic, casual & fashionable.

Open front. I have a striped open front like this in black and blue. I bought it last year (at Zellers, not Torrid) and still adore it.

Feminine: Sweet, girly details like ribbon and lace in pastel shades make this style to die for!

Boyfriend button down: A comfy top to borrow from your bf! Wear it with skinny pants or a short skirt for a really cute look.

Colour blocking: The colour blocking trend lives on! I like this option from Old Navy.

All-over print cardigan. This star print cardi is cute and casual. I like the v-neck, and would pair it with some ballet flats, leggings and a lace trim camisole.

For more sweaters, click through to my Polyvore by clicking the picture at the top of this post. My picks range from $11 to $169 and are made in a variety of colours, sizes and fabrics to suit every budget, body shape and taste.

Which sweater is your favourite?

Link Love 13.10.2012: NYC, Jobs & Plus Size Fashion

Happy Saturday!

I'm having a wonderful time in New York! Today I'm off to a class in Greenwich Village, press at the Museum of Sex & dinner at Times Square. So I'll leave you to enjoy these links:

If you're looking for a job, this article from Brazen Careerist is for you.

I wrote about studying online and from home, for Florida Homeschooling. If you're a student, you might find my tips helpful.

We've been chatting about Rebel Wilson a lot lately. Now she's slated to write, produce and star in a new comedy.

Feeling nostalgic? Can you make it through this post without wishing you were in 5th grade again?

Plus size fashion is real fashion, says Jay Manuel.

What are you up to this weekend?

Image via tumblr

Snapshots: Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend! I had an especially long one, thanks to (Canadian) Thanksgiving on Monday, and Simchat Torah on Tuesday.

Here are a few choice snapshots from the time I spent in Buffalo on Sunday and Monday:
Left to right: I love this candy cane striped top. Hotel bed. There's no such thing as too many pillows! Drinks. Maman and I, posing for the camera.   
My mom is seriously gorgeous! I had a black forest shake and veggie burger at Johnny Rockets. Delicious! I'd never been there before. The Shake.  On the bus. Dippin Dots! We visited the cats at the SPCA in the Walden Galleria. I wanted to bring each and every one home with me!
 What did you do, this past weekend?

Tuesday Tunes: Manhattan

It's a busy week, chez Becca: school is in full-swing, work is going swimmingly, and I'm gearing up for my trip to New York and Washington, DC.

Lately, my playlist has been full of 50s and 60s music, so for this week's Tuesday Tunes, here's Manhattan performed by Ella Fitzgerald:

What are you listening to this week?

Fuck the Haters: Multiculturalism is a Great Thing

What gives anyone the right to hate anyone else for simply being who they are? Whether we're black or white, woman or man, from the south or the north, who are you to judge?
I'm not going to be anything but what I am. I refuse to be anyone but who I am.

I will not lose weight because you're uncomfortable with my size.
I will not be more masculine so I fit the queer female stereotype.
I will not be more feminine to fit the girly stereotype.
I will not shut up to make anyone happy.

What caused me to write this post is all the hate I've gotten on a blog I posted about identifying with southern culture. Apparently some southern women (or men?) are feeling insecure and angry because I'm getting in touch with my southern heritage and am enamoured of aspects of a culture I experienced when I visited the south last year.

I didn't realize appreciating a culture would incite such rage! It's ridiculous.

The hilarious part, though, is that the messsages were all anonymous. These people don't even have the guts to put a face to their hateful words. That says a lot about them.

The lesson, here, is:

1 Keep being you. Revel in your fabulousness.

2 Fuck the haters. Let them stew in their putrid negativity. Don't give them the time of day.

3 Exploring your heritage and/or other cultures is a good thing. If anyone wants to keep you from that, it just means there's something wrong with them, not you. As long as you're respectful and genuine, you're doing nothing wrong. You're doing something wonderful.

Image: Rosario Dawson
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