4 Fall Beauty Trends to Try

As summer lazily draws to a close, I'm itching to enjoy Fall's chilly mornings, hot cinnamon lattes and chic cosmetics. When you get a taste of the luscious looks below, I'm sure you'll be excited, too.

1 Rosy Cheeks. Natural shades of pink that make you look like you just walked in from the cool Autumn air are right on-trend. Libby at The Style Dossier has some great tips.

2 Berry or Burgundy Lips. At Marc Jacobs, Shiseido's Dick Page painted models' lips rich shades and left the rest of their faces bare, save for neutral eyeshadow. Page explained, "sometimes what you leave off is just as important as what you put on".

3 Bold Brows.
Elle Canada called them "spring's key feature", and it looks like we still haven't had enough of them. Smooth and sculptured or large and bushy, bigger is better.

4 Smokey Eyes.
As if they ever went out of style! This season, try a glossy eye shadow or turquoise liner.

Which look is your favourite?

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