11 of the Best Things About Being Single

I admit it: I'm one of those girls who loves being in a relationship. I love knowing there's someone to come home to. I love waking up to romantic text messages. I love awesome sex being practically a guarantee. I love feeling loved.

But you know what? You don't need a relationship for any of those things. You can fulfill yourself. You can get a room mate or a pet, send yourself a love note, buy yourself a vibrator & practice self-love by taking care of your own happiness.

Don't settle for making do with not being in a relationship, though. Embrace all the awesome things that come your way just because you're single.

Here's just a sample of the very best parts of the single life:

1 You get the whole bed to yourself! Lots of space to stretch out, roll around, or fill with plushies and paperbacks.
2 You get to choose the movie on date night. Don't like action movies? No problem!
3 Flirting with random people. Boost that confidence, baby! Flirting is fun.
4 Dress up for yourself. Love lace? Buy a pretty chemise & admire yourself in the mirror. "Hello, gorgeous!".
5 Suddenly, you'll have more money to spend on fun things for yourself. I spent so much on bus tickets to go see Kamen (not to mention gifts for him or lingerie to wear for him). Not anymore!
6 No need to agonize over whether or not he'll call or text you. There's far less anxiety of 'am I not important enough?' in my life now.
7 Vibrators don't talk back. You can turn them off and on, and they don't stop until they are through serving their purpose." (Source).
8 Also on the topic of vibrators: No need to explain what that lime green phallic thing in your dresser drawer is, nor to reassure him 'no, honey, it won't replace you'.
9 You can go to bed and get up whenever you like. No nagging from your boy or girlfriend.
10 Opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family. It’s amazing the relationships that you put to the side (and you may not even notice it) when you are in a relationship. I’ve loved taking the time to reconnect with those people – and have learned my lesson that I will never become disconnected from them again. (Source).
11 Nodding along with everything listed in this post from 1000 Awesome Things.

What would you add to this list?

Note: All of these ideas are mine, other than the few followed by this: (source). Click the link to go to the original post. Image Source.

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