Fuck the Haters: Multiculturalism is a Great Thing

What gives anyone the right to hate anyone else for simply being who they are? Whether we're black or white, woman or man, from the south or the north, who are you to judge?
I'm not going to be anything but what I am. I refuse to be anyone but who I am.

I will not lose weight because you're uncomfortable with my size.
I will not be more masculine so I fit the queer female stereotype.
I will not be more feminine to fit the girly stereotype.
I will not shut up to make anyone happy.

What caused me to write this post is all the hate I've gotten on a blog I posted about identifying with southern culture. Apparently some southern women (or men?) are feeling insecure and angry because I'm getting in touch with my southern heritage and am enamoured of aspects of a culture I experienced when I visited the south last year.

I didn't realize appreciating a culture would incite such rage! It's ridiculous.

The hilarious part, though, is that the messsages were all anonymous. These people don't even have the guts to put a face to their hateful words. That says a lot about them.

The lesson, here, is:

1 Keep being you. Revel in your fabulousness.

2 Fuck the haters. Let them stew in their putrid negativity. Don't give them the time of day.

3 Exploring your heritage and/or other cultures is a good thing. If anyone wants to keep you from that, it just means there's something wrong with them, not you. As long as you're respectful and genuine, you're doing nothing wrong. You're doing something wonderful.

Image: Rosario Dawson
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