10 Little Things To Do For Yourself Today

It's hard, in this fast-paced world, to make time for yourself. It's easy, however, to feel guilty when you do. Stop the madness!

Not only is taking a step back from commitments and treating yourself once in a while totally okay, it's actually good for you! Keeping yourself happy and healthy increases productivity, betters your mental health and is exactly what you need to brighten your day. So let's get started!

1 Have a hot bath, complete with luxe bubble bath, candlelight and champagne. You deserve it!

2 Finish a task you've put off for a long time, despite its importance. Opening a savings account? Organizing your closet? Updating your resume? Whatever it is, do it now. Just get it over-with; what a huge weight taken off your shoulders!

3 Take a trip to the dollar store. No need to spend a lot to have fun shopping. Pick up some craft supplies, a colouring book or a silly toy that reminds you of childhood. It's good to do something frivolous and silly every once in a while.

4 Get all dolled up. If you feel lousy, looking the opposite may be enough to perk you right up.

5 Listen to music that makes you happy. I like Demi Lovato's album, Don't Forget, the song Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green, Danger Days by My Chemical Romance and anything Doo-Wop.

6 Stop. Sit down. Breathe.

7 Make a date with yourself. Do you have to pencil appointments into your agenda just to make sure they happen? Then make an appointment with yourself! Make time for you. You're worth it.

8 Spend time with someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Have coffee, get manicures or hang out on the couch. You'll be grinning in no time!

9 Write yourself a love letter.

10 Be productive. Push yourself just a little. Get something important done. Then celebrate!

Image: Demi Lovato

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