Link Love 27.10.2012

Happy Saturday, sugar! Link time:

Taylor Swift's new video for Begin Again is fantastic. It's beautifully done, it's a lovely song, and it's a bit of a departure from her teen angst-infused love songs.

This Slut Votes is a great resource for those affected by the upcoming American election, who identify as feminist, or who simply think slut-shaming is stupid.

This week, the quality of Ragen Chastain's writing is unsurpassed! An excerpt from her latest article about the "Skinny Minnie Mouse" campaign:

'I’ve seen this won’tsomebodythinkofthefatties technique used in discussions from global warming to contraception to politics.  It goes like this – someone writes a blog or article that says  “here is my well thought out opinion on this issue that has nothing to do with fat people.”  Then someone literally leaves a comment that says “But what about obesity?”

'What about it?  Dude, this has nothing to do with obesity.  You might as well have said “What about the new Smurfs movie?” It’s exactly as relevant. Besides which, obesity is a body size – it’s not an eating disorder, it’s not a diagnosis, it’s not the problem, and it’s not part of the discussion. It’s a body size".'

Cat Bounce: I haven't got a clue what this nonsense is, but it's mesmerizing! (link via Nubby Twiglet).

Emergency Compliment is fantastic. (Also via Nubby).

Mr Obama seems like such a fantastic guy. In this interview, Obama states that rape is rape, cracks jokes and is overall good-natured and awesome. And he mocks Donald Trump. Ha!

This post from Amanda Abella at Grad Meets World is quite empowering:

"Regardless of whether you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, living in your parents’ basement or working a measly hourly job you have to be very clear on one thing: you have to know that you are valuable. You have to believe in abundance. You have to get in a mind set where you are confident about your finances regardless of what is going on right now".

Enjoy your weekend!
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