Halloween 2012: What are you doing tonight?

Me, last year around Halloween

Today doesn't feel like Halloween.

As a kid, I remember decorating my aunt's house with orange and black crepe paper streamers and putting final touches on my costume.

As a teenager, I helped my friend Carmen plan a party with horror movies and plastic bugs and pizzas.

Last year, a few days before the 31st, I went to Disney's Fort Wilderness with my then boyfriend to check out its festive spirit. The day of Halloween, he and his family dumped me, so it was just me, the cat, satellite tv and a bag of Doritos.

Even that felt more Halloween than today.

This year, the weather is dreary (though we in Toronto are better off than America's east coast). I'm too old to go trick-or-treating. I wasn't invited to any parties. I didn't plan my own because I'm broke
and feel borderline anti-social.

My day has picked up since this morning, when I lazed in bed feeling sorry for myself (blech). I went for a walk (forget the rain!), got a hot cup of coffee and bought some 25% off fun size Snickers bars.

My mom and I had tomato soup, cheddar cheese and bagels for dinner and are sitting with the cat listening to Johnny Cash in our fuzzy pyjamas.

This Halloween may not be what Halloween is 'supposed to be', but it's far from gloomy.

What are you doing tonight?
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