#FatAndFabulous Things Friday (11.08.2017)

Hi friend! What have you been up to in the past couple weeks? 

Me? I posted about fruity summer fashion, bought the blue liquid lipstick I've been dreaming of, and have been working on some writing projects. I also got a new appointment with a cardiologist, which is awesome because I'll get some answers about my chronic illnesses and get to piss off the haters when they see a 300-pound Goddess confidently rocking a holter monitor. 😜

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Aaaanyway... Here's what you came for:

1. Check out some of the best looks at this year's TCF Style Expo. I especially love all the bright colours! (Plus Model Mag)

2. Fat Liberation is for Fat People With Disabilities Too. As a disabled fat person who's experienced much of what's described in this post, I really appreciate this discussion. (Kath is a brilliant writer and a powerful fat activist whose work has taught me a lot on my journey, so I highly recommend her blog.--> Fat Heffalump)
Fat PWD are accused of “causing” their disabilities because they are fat, are accused of “just being lazy” or treated like even more of an inconvenience than thin PWD. It’s hard enough for PWD to get the equipment and services they need, and for many of we fat people to get equipment, clothing and services that fit our bodies – the two issues compounded make it even more of a burden for fat PWD to bear.
3. Celebrity diet culture needs to stop. And society as a whole needs to stop obsessing about health. (Ravishly)
It’s also important to remember that “health” can be a moving target. It’s not an obligation or a barometer of worthiness, it’s not entirely within our control, and it’s not guaranteed, no matter what we do.
4. These photos are totally dreamy and now I'm inspired to do a mini photo shoot in my bedroom, too! (Ailurophile With Style).

5. How to have the confidence to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. (College Fashion)

What fabulousness have you seen (or created) in the fatosphere lately?

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Fantastic Fruit Fashion

Lana Del Rey sang about her "fruit punch lips" and Marina and the Diamonds used "Froot" as her aesthetic and central metaphor for an entire album (including its title and lead single). I think they're on to something: Fruit motifs are cheery, summery, and bright. They can also be playful and kitschy, which I'm totally into.

In honour of National Watermelon Day (it's 3rd August! Fun, right?), here are my picks for a fashionable, fruity finish to the summer.

Fruit-Inspired Accessories

#FatAndFabulous Things Friday (28.07.2017)

Hey gorgeous!

I'm supposed to be at the TCFStyle Expo in Atlanta today, but instead, I'm all but bedridden and undergoing lots of medical testing. I'm devastated.  

If you're there this weekend, I hope you have an amazing time! And if you're already planning for next year, I'll see you there!

Here's what I've been reading lately:

1) This is so well-written and the subject matter really hit home for me: "On Fatness: Acceptable Fat, Respectability, & the Silencing of Super Fats". (Aaminah Shakur)

2) I've been trying to put my feelings about weight loss surgery into words, but couldn't possibly do it more eloquently than this article does. (Your Fat Friend)
"As people living in fat bodies, our choices about our bodies are never fully our own — always swayed or sunken by the pressures of media, family, friends, doctors, strangers on the street. Everyone has an opinion on our bodies, and those opinions are asserted freely at every turn."

3) How did you feel about that ~feminist~ sex scene on Game of Thrones last week? (Refinery 29)

4) Periods are not just for women. (Hello Giggles)

Plus: a throwback to what I wore the first time I visited Atlanta, almost exactly 5 years ago.

What fabulousness have you seen (or created) in the fatosphere lately?

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5 #FatAndFabulous Things Friday (14.07.2017)

Welcome to #FatAndFabulous Things Friday, a quick biweekly list of body positive, fat positive, fun and inspiring stuff.

1) Ragen's take on dressing for your body is spot on! (Dances With Fat)

2) I love these "Style Crush of the Week" posts, but this one featuring women over size 22+  is especially awesome. (Plus Model Mag)

3) These tips for feeling confident at the beach are very timely. (I'm especially a fan of berry lips and wearing something that fits well and feels good!). (Verily)

4) Shopping for a new swimsuit this summer? This is the list for you! It even includes size ranges. (The Militant Baker)

5) I'm so here for fat girls in crop tops! (Ravishly)

What fabulousness have you seen (or created) in the fatosphere lately?

P.S. Did you know I have a #fatandfabulous Pinterest board? Go check it out! 

Maxi Dresses For Summer

Until last summer, I had no idea you could be this comfy and this stylish at the same time. I think maxi dresses literally changed my life, y'all.

Maxi dresses are perfect for summer, because:

They have built in air conditioning

They're flirty and feminine, effortlessly.

They can be flowy or fitted, patterned or solid, accessorized or worn boldly solo. Such a versatile piece of clothing.

You can wear them with heels, flats, sneakers or cowboy boots (like I did last summer):

Plus, you can throw on a dress and go! None of that top plus bottoms nonsense!

Have I sold you on this idea yet? Check out these cute dresses:

I love the shade of blue and the interesting cut of this SWAK dress (CAD $129.90). |  I can't even. This dress is just perfect ($42.50). | How does this dress cost less than CAD $35? It's so cute. | I'm a sucker for good stripes. Like these! ($44.99).

Purchase the dress in the first image here. Also, I'm not affiliated with any of these brands; I just think their clothes are pretty!
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