NYC's Museum of Sex

Last week in New York City, I had an amazing time exploring, shopping and sightseeing. But one of the highlights of my trip was checking out (pun intended!) the Museum of Sex.

I know anything with 'sex' in the name doesn't sound like a vacation destination (especially one that's not rated R and is found on 5th avenue), but believe me, this museum is a must-see if you're interested in science, history, or simply learning about sexuality.

Current exhibits at MoSex include F*CK ART, Universe of Desire and The Sex Lives of Animals, as well as the excellent Permanent Collection.

F*CK ART is a joint project between the museum and 20 select street artists, to "push the boundaries of our relationship to sexuality in public space". I found the idea intriguing, because sexuality remains incredibly taboo in our society. I thought Miss Van's art was especially incredible.

 Intimate photos sent as MMS's on Blackberries
Universe of Desire explores how sexuality and technology are intertwined. This exhibit held my attention the longest, probably because I came of age when social media began to grow popular. PIC?

The Sex Life of Animals is a ground-breaking exhibit that shows the public just how similar our sexual interests and behaviours are to those of animals. This exhibit proves that multiple genders, prostitution, sex for pleasure and homosexuality are completely natural, because they are found in species other than our own.

Vibrators from the 1800s

The Permanent Collection includes French pin-up post cards, vintage photos, fetish gear and RealDolls (which you're welcome to touch). The Victorian vibrators are my favourite part of the collection, because I'm fascinated by the history of Psychiatry, which is more connected to vibrators than you'd expect!

 Condom Lollipops! So cute.

The museum also has a store, which is the New York destination for books about sexuality, erotic art, penis-shaped pasta, fuzzy hand-cuffs or a designer vibrator.

For more information, visit the museum's website.

Have you ever visited MoSex? What do you think of this museum?

Press tickets were provided free of charge. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and remain unaffected by MoSex's generosity.
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