Maxi Dresses For Summer

Until last summer, I had no idea you could be this comfy and this stylish at the same time. I think maxi dresses literally changed my life, y'all.

Maxi dresses are perfect for summer, because:

They have built in air conditioning

They're flirty and feminine, effortlessly.

They can be flowy or fitted, patterned or solid, accessorized or worn boldly solo. Such a versatile piece of clothing.

You can wear them with heels, flats, sneakers or cowboy boots (like I did last summer):

Plus, you can throw on a dress and go! None of that top plus bottoms nonsense!

Have I sold you on this idea yet? Check out these cute dresses:

I love the shade of blue and the interesting cut of this SWAK dress (CAD $129.90). |  I can't even. This dress is just perfect ($42.50). | How does this dress cost less than CAD $35? It's so cute. | I'm a sucker for good stripes. Like these! ($44.99).

Purchase the dress in the first image here. Also, I'm not affiliated with any of these brands; I just think their clothes are pretty!

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