5 #FatAndFabulous Things Friday (14.07.2017)

Welcome to #FatAndFabulous Things Friday, a quick biweekly list of body positive, fat positive, fun and inspiring stuff.

1) Ragen's take on dressing for your body is spot on! (Dances With Fat)

2) I love these "Style Crush of the Week" posts, but this one featuring women over size 22+  is especially awesome. (Plus Model Mag)

3) These tips for feeling confident at the beach are very timely. (I'm especially a fan of berry lips and wearing something that fits well and feels good!). (Verily)

4) Shopping for a new swimsuit this summer? This is the list for you! It even includes size ranges. (The Militant Baker)

5) I'm so here for fat girls in crop tops! (Ravishly)

What fabulousness have you seen (or created) in the fatosphere lately?

P.S. Did you know I have a #fatandfabulous Pinterest board? Go check it out! 

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