#FatAndFabulous Things Friday (28.07.2017)

Hey gorgeous!

I'm supposed to be at the TCFStyle Expo in Atlanta today, but instead, I'm all but bedridden and undergoing lots of medical testing. I'm devastated.  

If you're there this weekend, I hope you have an amazing time! And if you're already planning for next year, I'll see you there!

Here's what I've been reading lately:

1) This is so well-written and the subject matter really hit home for me: "On Fatness: Acceptable Fat, Respectability, & the Silencing of Super Fats". (Aaminah Shakur)

2) I've been trying to put my feelings about weight loss surgery into words, but couldn't possibly do it more eloquently than this article does. (Your Fat Friend)
"As people living in fat bodies, our choices about our bodies are never fully our own — always swayed or sunken by the pressures of media, family, friends, doctors, strangers on the street. Everyone has an opinion on our bodies, and those opinions are asserted freely at every turn."

3) How did you feel about that ~feminist~ sex scene on Game of Thrones last week? (Refinery 29)

4) Periods are not just for women. (Hello Giggles)

Plus: a throwback to what I wore the first time I visited Atlanta, almost exactly 5 years ago.

What fabulousness have you seen (or created) in the fatosphere lately?

P.S. Did you know I have a #fatandfabulous Pinterest board? Go check it out! 

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