It's okay!

As fat women, we're expected to put in 10 times as much effort as thin women, to be respected and accepted. Treated as human. 

Only Good Fatties are even marginally acceptable in our society; if you're not dressed to the nines, if you don't choose salad over fries every time, if you don't work out like you're on the Biggest Loser, if you don't condemn fat people who eschew the Good Fatty archetype, good luck getting a job, or dating, or getting adequate medical care, or even being able to post on Instagram without getting death threats.

I want you to know that it's okay...

It's okay if you want to wear yoga pants and a loose shirt and no make-up.
It's okay if you dress up every day.
It's okay if you work out every day.
It's okay if you don't.
It's okay if you eat salad every day.
It's okay if you eat salad occasionally.
It's okay if you choose fries over salad, every time. 
It's okay if you're not healthy. Lack of health is not a moral failing.
It's okay if you're pissed because the mall doesn't carry your size.
It's okay if you don't like being fat.
It's okay if you love being fat.

The bullies aren't the ones who have to live in your body day in and day out. What it comes down to, is that this is your body (this is your life!) and you get to choose what to do with it. Do what makes you feel healthy and happy-- however you define healthy and happy. There's nothing wrong with your size.
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5 Must-Wear Spring Trends

Spring 2016 Style

Spring is finally here! And with warm weather, come fabulous warm weather trends. Check these out:

1. Crop tops are super popular again this year, and I couldn't be happier. Wearing a crop top, you can be totally on trend, flaunt your figure and (learn to) love your tummy. Win-win-win!

2. Shiny, futuristic and totally eye-catching, metallic shoes are in right now. From rhinestones and other small sparkly accents to all-out glam gold or silver, you're sure to find the pair for you.

3. Enamel pins are awesome: they're fun to collect, they look cool pinned to a dress or bag or jacket, and they're an affordable way to spice things up. What's not to love? Here are some especially fab pins.

4. Black lipstick is BIG this year. Not just for goth kids any more, it's being worn by every one from high fashion models to the girl next door. CoverGirl is even releasing their own version with Katy Perry, called "Perry Panther". I'm coveting Jeffree Star's "Weirdo" (currently sold out- boo!).

5. I talked about ruffles back in March, and have seen so many people rocking them since! (I'd like to think that was my doing ;). The timeless, feminine look of ruffles translates perfectly from summer to spring.

What are you most excited to wear this spring? (Click here for info on the items above).
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