There's Nothing Wrong With Being Fat

1. Fat is an adjective. Just like short, brown-eyed, brunette. I'm all of those. I wouldn't get offended if someone said, "hey, you've got brown hair!" (although I would wonder why they feel a need to point out the obvious). I've come to realize that "hey, you're fat!" is exactly the same thing. I am fat. Thanks for noticing.

2. Fat isn't an illness. All bodies have fat. Some more than others. Just like some bodies have more melanin or less hair. Fat isn't going to kill you. In fact, this study shows that metabolically healthy fat people are less likely to suffer from heart failure than thin people with Metabolic Syndrome. And that's just one of many proving that fat isn't the big (no pun intended) scary killer we thought it was.

3. Fat is fabulous. When's the last time you ran your hands along your tummy, admired the softness of your arms, massaged your own hands or feet? Fat bodies are amazing. They're exquisitely plush and fun to touch. Our bodies are comforting to hug, so squishy and inviting.

4. Being fat isn't a moral failing. You didn't "let yourself go". You're not "a lazy slob". You're not a "bad role model for the children!!!1!". You're not disappointing/disgusting/turning off your lover if you put on some pounds (and if you are, you can easily lose 100+ pounds by dumping that judgmental asshole right now).

Image via The Militant Baker

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