Being Fat

My perfectly imperfect, gorgeous and fat body.
Being fat is awesome; I give good hugs. I'm soft and fun to touch. I look great naked or clothed.

The only things I hate about being fat? The fact that I can't walk into more than 2 stores at my local mall and find something that fits over my head and covers my entire torso, let alone an outfit that's affordable and makes me feel pretty.

That, and the stigma. People stop me in the street and tell me I'm 'killing myself by living an obese lifestyle' (whatever that means?!?!), comment on my Instagram that I'm 'fat and ugly' and I can't get medical care without being told my BMI is off the charts and I should 'probably consider going on a diet'.

But these aren't symptoms of being fat. This is the reality of being fat in a fatphobic world.

I won't change just to fit in to a society that systematically oppresses people of my size, simply because of our size. I will stand, fat and proud, and fight for the right to exist happily, stylishly and without stigma.


  1. I completely support your stance and opinions that you express, and it's a welcome change from the silence that the body police of society want. What a change for this guy to see a woman's body from her own perspective. It's a beautiful image, but the scars on your left thigh concern me, as they look like typical "cutter" scars. It's terrible how prominent cutting is, and the nasty way we treat our young women to push them to that.

    1. I really appreciate your comment! Thank you.

      Regarding the scars: I do battle mental illnesses (BPD, Panic Disorder, Trichotillomania), and they've compelled me to cut myself, in the past. I'm in recovery and haven't touched a razor in months (I rarely even feel the need to, anymore!). I don't want any more scars, but I'm very proud of the ones I have, and refuse to cover them. They're symbols of the mental and emotional anguish I've survived.


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