Momentum: My Word For 2015

Whether it's reaching Fat Is Not a Bad Word's audience, or reaching my goals, or even reaching the end of the block (thanks to my chronic fatigue and arthritic ankle), it sometimes seems like I'm moving so slowly, that I'm not getting anywhere at all.

That's why momentum is my word of the year.

Getting to where you want to be takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you're fat; fewer people take you seriously, it's harder to get a job, you have to spend longer in front of the mirror to make yourself look 'acceptable'-- and even more so if you're also disabled. I'm frustrated with how society's reactions toward my size and my disabilities limit me, but I won't let them stop me. Even when I feel like giving up. 

The more I try, the more I push myself, the more baby steps I take, the more consistent I am, the more momentum I build. Good things rarely come easy, but they will come if I keep going.

What's your word for 2015?

The art pictured above is borrowed from Brave Mable. You can see more & purchase art here.

Fat and Beautiful: Link Love 23.1.2015

What did you do this week, darling? I drank lots of tea, worked on an upcoming blog launch and got new glasses.

Lots of links for you:

This week's featured image is a free wallpaper download from Amanda Genther. Click here to see more!

I want to make these Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps for lunch! They look so good. And they're vegan!

This social experiment was interesting.
For many men, beauty, coolness, [and] desirability are gifts they alone can bestow upon women. They get baffled, even aggressive when you show you’ve known you possess those things all along.
♥ If you're curious about what strip malls used to look like in Toronto, wonder no more!

The gift of obesity.
I can no more “choose” to be thin than I can choose to be a rock or a tree.  I can still do my toe touches every morning, but trying to turn myself into a thin person for the sake of being—what, more acceptable? More pleasing? More attractive? For whom?  This would be just as ridiculous as trying to become a rock or a tree—and just as likely.
These free Valentine's prints make me wish it were February already! 

This list will make you want to hit the road!

Whitney Thore is #fatandfabulous. I'm so glad her new reality show is bringing light to PCOS awareness and the idea that people of size can be active and happy. 
Y’know, people often look at me and say, “Whitney, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” And I’m like, that’s ridiculous, I’m almost 400 pounds, I’m definitely fat! But it just shows that people cannot reconcile that you can be attractive and fat, or smart and fat.

xox Becca

Taco Bowls & Beauty Risks: Link Love 9.1.2015

Hello, gorgeous! How was your week? I decided to take on the 101 in 1001 challenge, snuggled with this beauty and practiced near- aggressive self care in the face of severe chronic pain and fatigue.

This week's must-reads:

This vegan quinoa taco bowl looks ah-MAZING.

5 beauty risks you have to take this year, from Michelle Phan. (I especially like #3 and #5!).

The year in thickness: On love and desire in the time of "I like them BBW":
To me, there is nothing more charismatic than the gentle prow of a double chin, or more arousing than the way light pours down rolls of belly fat, like so many ripples of soft serve ice cream... This isn’t revelatory, but it bears repeating: I have it a lot easier when you compare my position to the daily horrors faced by the people I find attractive. I have the extreme luxury to feign a more desirable preference; they do not.
 ♥ These cats understand how badly you want winter to end!

This fashion designer uses only plus size models! How refreshing!

I love this list of 15 ways to practice self care in 2015.

These photos will make you want to visit the Philippines.

5 ways to save money on beauty products, from XOVain.

15 phrases that will change your life in 2015. I'd thought of/been doing some of these already, but some made me go, 'damn, why am I not saying this already?!'. 

xox Becca 

Feminist YA, 2014 Beauty Trends & 1990s Toronto: 2.1.2015

Happy New Year! What did you do this week? I hung out with family in northern Ohio, got in touch with old friends, watched the Buckeyes win the Sugar Bowl and resolved to be confident and sexy in 2015, no matter what I weigh.

What to read this weekend:

♥ These inspiring women are sure to motivate you in the coming year. The list includes Jillian Mercado and Malala Yousafzai. Who would you add to the list? My votes go to Laverne Cox and April Flores.

♥ These DIY lanterns are so pretty!

Mashed potatoes 9 ways. The bacon and blue cheese version looks especially good.

Do epic shit!

The 18 most important beauty trends of 2014.

Sure, the holidays are over, but your cat says otherwise. Kitty will love these 10 gifts

In case you need scientific facts when arguing with fuckboys on the train: Manspreading is not medically necessary.

The one new year's resolution every spoonie should make.

♥ Curious about what Toronto looked like in the 1990s? Wonder no more! 

Have a great weekend! 

Image: a gorgeous kitty I snuggled with all week! Follow me on Instagram for more: Rebecca Esther on Instagram

Riots Not Diets, This New Year

I'm confident and sexy at 300 pounds, so why bother joining the weight loss bandwagon? 

At this time of year, we're inundated with ads for diet pills and shape wear and the latest fads that will zap your fat. Holiday parties are just an excuse for your overbearing relatives to tell you you'd probably  be married and have kids by now if you'd just listen and drop a few. And wanting to look your best when the ball drops can make you wonder if shimmying into a sparkly NYE dress would be easier if you wore a size 6 instead of a 26.

But don't give in to the pressure.

I admit I wasn't always as confident as I am now. I used to diet. I used to starve myself in hopes that I'd be more acceptable to the people around me. I used to listen to the evil little voice in my head telling me I'd be so much happier and prettier loved if I'd just control myself and stop stuffing my face and buy a fucking scale. 

The sense of community dieting offers is appealing (people love to commiserate about how ugly their flabby arms and round waists are and celebrate when they're "being good" and eating salad instead of cake). The cute clothes that only come in straight sizes are appealing. And the idea of strangers not glaring at you for eating a burger or taking a seat on the subway is especially appealing.

But instead of changing the size of our bodies, why don't we change how society treats fat people?

Instead of resolving to lose weight, let's resolve to fight for equal rights, to end girl on girl hate, and to practice self love.

Happy New Year! You're beautiful just the way you are.

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