Taco Bowls & Beauty Risks: Link Love 9.1.2015

Hello, gorgeous! How was your week? I decided to take on the 101 in 1001 challenge, snuggled with this beauty and practiced near- aggressive self care in the face of severe chronic pain and fatigue.

This week's must-reads:

This vegan quinoa taco bowl looks ah-MAZING.

5 beauty risks you have to take this year, from Michelle Phan. (I especially like #3 and #5!).

The year in thickness: On love and desire in the time of "I like them BBW":
To me, there is nothing more charismatic than the gentle prow of a double chin, or more arousing than the way light pours down rolls of belly fat, like so many ripples of soft serve ice cream... This isn’t revelatory, but it bears repeating: I have it a lot easier when you compare my position to the daily horrors faced by the people I find attractive. I have the extreme luxury to feign a more desirable preference; they do not.
 ♥ These cats understand how badly you want winter to end!

This fashion designer uses only plus size models! How refreshing!

I love this list of 15 ways to practice self care in 2015.

These photos will make you want to visit the Philippines.

5 ways to save money on beauty products, from XOVain.

15 phrases that will change your life in 2015. I'd thought of/been doing some of these already, but some made me go, 'damn, why am I not saying this already?!'. 

xox Becca 

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