Momentum: My Word For 2015

Whether it's reaching Fat Is Not a Bad Word's audience, or reaching my goals, or even reaching the end of the block (thanks to my chronic fatigue and arthritic ankle), it sometimes seems like I'm moving so slowly, that I'm not getting anywhere at all.

That's why momentum is my word of the year.

Getting to where you want to be takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you're fat; fewer people take you seriously, it's harder to get a job, you have to spend longer in front of the mirror to make yourself look 'acceptable'-- and even more so if you're also disabled. I'm frustrated with how society's reactions toward my size and my disabilities limit me, but I won't let them stop me. Even when I feel like giving up. 

The more I try, the more I push myself, the more baby steps I take, the more consistent I am, the more momentum I build. Good things rarely come easy, but they will come if I keep going.

What's your word for 2015?

The art pictured above is borrowed from Brave Mable. You can see more & purchase art here.

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