Riots Not Diets, This New Year

I'm confident and sexy at 300 pounds, so why bother joining the weight loss bandwagon? 

At this time of year, we're inundated with ads for diet pills and shape wear and the latest fads that will zap your fat. Holiday parties are just an excuse for your overbearing relatives to tell you you'd probably  be married and have kids by now if you'd just listen and drop a few. And wanting to look your best when the ball drops can make you wonder if shimmying into a sparkly NYE dress would be easier if you wore a size 6 instead of a 26.

But don't give in to the pressure.

I admit I wasn't always as confident as I am now. I used to diet. I used to starve myself in hopes that I'd be more acceptable to the people around me. I used to listen to the evil little voice in my head telling me I'd be so much happier and prettier loved if I'd just control myself and stop stuffing my face and buy a fucking scale. 

The sense of community dieting offers is appealing (people love to commiserate about how ugly their flabby arms and round waists are and celebrate when they're "being good" and eating salad instead of cake). The cute clothes that only come in straight sizes are appealing. And the idea of strangers not glaring at you for eating a burger or taking a seat on the subway is especially appealing.

But instead of changing the size of our bodies, why don't we change how society treats fat people?

Instead of resolving to lose weight, let's resolve to fight for equal rights, to end girl on girl hate, and to practice self love.

Happy New Year! You're beautiful just the way you are.

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