Cats, Trips & Duets With Villians: Link Love 7.11.2014

How was your week, gorgeous girl? I spent a day in Columbus, OH, wrote about why there's nothing wrong with being fat, and dressed my cat up as a little devil (which he hated, of course!).

Lots of links this week! 

♥ "Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful," says plus size model Denise Bidot, to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Did you know Frozen's Anna was the first Disney princess to have a duet with a villain? More Disney facts here!

3 ways to define what your blog is about. This is great advice for anyone starting a new blog or rebranding an existing one.

27 things no one tells you about having a cat. Accurate! But they're so worth it.

20 trips to take in your 20s, from World of Wanderlust. I'd love to take most of these! You?

One more list post! 10 quirky things to know about North York, ON (my hometown!).

What are you reading?

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