Things I Love Friday: 14.12.2012

This week:

Just a few days until I'm done my copywriting class-- that means I'm one third of the way to completing my web writing certificate at U of T!

♥ This past weekend I had an amazing time at my Aunt Suzie's. We made crafts and drank coolers until past midnight. Pretty much my definition of a good time.

♥ I did quite a few hours of Copy Consultation. It was fantastic. My clients are the best! (And you can be one of them... hint hint).

Little things which made me smile:

Wearing striped sweaters... lots of 'em. ♥ Peppermint Mocha lattes ♥ These cats
 Welcome to the Rileys (didn't exactly make me smile, but it was a great film). ♥ Pizza buns 
Letting go. ♥ My new favourite app Flyleaf's Fire FireChauncey
Metallic blue nail polish ♥ IKEA MONKEY!!! Cozy cable knit socks
♥ Laughing at myself for thinking the golden tamarin is called "golden tamarind"... oops!
Glittery eye shadow. Best Channukah present ever?! ♥ Planning for the new year

What was the highlight of your week?
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