Ikea Monkey, Festive Drinks & Beanies: Link Love 15.12.2012

Oh my goodness! Glitter! I must make some of these DIY glittered jars!

How to give to charity without spending money. Great ideas from MookyChick!

Can't get enough of the Ikea Monkey? Me neither! *squee*

Hot cocoa with snowflake marshmallows! Another winter drink: festive fizz cocktail. And one more: peppermint hot chocolate.

 I love this DIY idea: make coasters out of maps from old trips!

I totally agree with The Frisky: we former teen goths really do get the last laugh. Goth-inspired beauty is en vogue this winter.

Few winter accessories are as cozy or casual as the beanie.

Best media errors and corrections of 2012: you'll have to read 'em to believe 'em.

This DIY wreath from Canadian Family looks easy to make, not mention festive.

I love haloumi, so this salad looks yummy.

Be generous on Twitter, says Brooke Warner. I couldn't agree more! (link via Alexis).

Finally, here is a funny gif of two bunnies.

Enjoy your weekend!

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