Link Love 17.11.2012: Public Transportation, Scrub Soaps & Apple Cake

Hey, it's Saturday! Enjoy this week's links:

I really liked this interview with Kristen Stewart.

Amanda Palmer's open letter to PETA about their latest ad campaign.

I love all things Oz, so I'm looking forward to Disney's Oz: the Great and Powerful. How about you?

How to get verified on Pinterest.

Scrub Soaps are ah-mazing! I'm enjoying the scent and texture of Bath and Body Works' new cashmere one. although I find it leaves some residue, which is kind of icky. Good to know there are more options to try!

This easy apple cake contains only 4 ingredients and looks delish!

Have you seen the Target + Neiman Marcus holiday collection look book yet? What do you think?

Cracked's list of 6 Unspoken Rules of Public Transportation is pretty amusing, not to mention accurate.

Julianne Moore looks amazing as L'Oreal's newest spokesperson. I have such a crush on her!

Torre Deroche makes a great point about people's reactions to solo travel:

"...I trust that other adults are capable of doing their own research in order to make sensible decisions for their lives. When somebody is floating sky-high in a bubble of inspired bliss, I don’t go shooting at them with missiles of death and fear.
Adventure may be risky, but so is life. It comes with a 100% chance of death.
And while I’m touched that people take time out of their day to offer free safety tips and third-hand horror stories, I don’t understand why morbid warnings are a socially acceptable reaction to talk of travel and adventure".

Work Save Live is giving away an iPad mini!

Kris Atomic's photos of models reading is pretty cool.

Have you tried Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tar? I'm tempted to!

And finally, in Lip Magazine, Sarah Fortuna says:  

"The ultimate tip for building a happy community – embrace the position you acquired as soon as you moved in. You are a member of your local community, just as much a part of it as anyone else with the same postcode. You’ve got a network of people around you who care about the streets you live on, which is pretty nice when you think about it".

I find that empowering.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Image: Roxi Dlite
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