Hello, "Polish & Sparkle"!

This blog is a work in progress. Proof: its name has changed for the 3rd (and last!!!) time since its inception 2 and half years ago.

And as much as I'd like to say I'm a polished, perfect person, I have to admit... I'm a work in progress, too.

I've learned a lot, running this blog. Most notably:

1 Creativity doesn't come just because you want it to. Quite the contrary. If you wait for your muse to appear, she probably won't.

2 Churn out a whole bunch of ideas, and you'll say something brilliant (eventually). Keep working at it, and a gem will be borne.

3 Honesty is vital. I'm kind of embarassed by all the times I've changed things up here. But it's important to me to be transparent with you. Besides, some of those new things have really stuck, not mention they've been really great.

So back to the name change. Polish and Sparkle -- because those are the two things, I've learned, that every girl needs. Polish: refinement, class, sophistication. Sparkle: fun, glitter, glamour, whimsy. It's like yin and yang or chocolate and pretzels: put together two different but complementary things, and they'll shine.

- Polish is business, elegant, time-consuming (but totally worth it).
- Sparkle is fun, flirty and exciting. A perfect match.

More importantly, Polish and Sparkle are two traits every woman can have, even if she's battling a chronic or mental illness. I'd like to dedicate myself and this blog to erasing the stigma attached to invisible disabilities, to sharing my struggles and helping you with yours. You can live the life you've dreamed, no matter what obstacles you encounter.

Other than the name,the niche and my new, improved, deliciously beefed-up editorial calendar, this site hasn't changed at all! My attitude- optimistic, witty and helpful- hasn't changed, either. Your (near-) daily dose of inspiration, encouragement, news and fun is here to stay!

I love you. Thank you for standing my me-- and this site. It's all for you!

-Rebecca Esther
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