Product Review: Alison Claire Natural Skincare

My skin gets awfully dry during winter (I think most of us experience that! Ick.). Fortunately, the lovely ladies at Alison Claire were kind enough to send me a couple of their natural skincare products to review for you.

The Lemongrass Foot Cream's texture is absolutely perfect! It feels amazing on sore feet. It's very moisturizing and rejuvenating, and not nearly as greasy as other products I've tried-- score! The only downside: I don't like the scent, (but then I don't like lemongrass in general). The scent isn't that strong, though, so it's not enough to put me off of using the cream again!

I like the Lavender and Chamomile Body Lotion too (though admittedly not as much as the foot cream!). It smells great, is also non-greasy and very pleasant to apply.

Bonus: the minimalist packaging is fresh and pretty.

Alison Claire herself (the company's founder and a natural healthcare practitioner) calls the products "so pure you could eat them"-- and after hearing about the vanilla coconut body butter, I'm pretty tempted!

Final thought: I really like this company:They have lovely products. They have great twitter presence that's friendly and engaging. And their website is easy to navigate (and easy on the eyes), so shopping is made to be a really positive experience. It's definitely worth checking out their site and following them on twitter.

Full disclosure: Alison Claire provided me with product samples in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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