An Open Letter To Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is a great actor, she was hilarious in Bridesmaids, and she seems like a genuinely nice person.

But, I don't support her choice to be Jenny Craig Australia's spokesperson, because:
1, she's sending an awful message to her fans, and 2, weight loss almost never works anyway.

In an interview, she said ‘this [obesity] is something I can fix. So I should probably fix it'.

Except you can't 'fix' obesity, because weight loss almost never works, and because obesity may not even be a problem to begin with.

Rebel has lost 30-something pounds and hopes to lose more. She says, 'I guess with being this size you kind of put yourself into the friendzone. You never think anyone will be attracted to you at this weight. So you don’t really go out' [source].

Here's my open letter to her:

Dear Rebel Wilson,

You're gorgeous. You're talented. You're hilarious. And you're smart. 

 But you're doing something very, very stupid.

Your Jenny Craig partnership? Bad idea. 

Many of your fans (including me) feel alienated. We're expected to lose weight if we're fat and we enjoy your movies? If we have a killer sense of humour and a successful career like you, that isn't enough unless we drop a few dress sizes? That's the implicit message you're sending.

I'm sure your desire to lose weight stems from your insecurity about being in 'the friendzone', being unloved, your career ending too soon. But your fears are irrational.

Anyone who doesn't like you because of your looks doesn't deserve the pleasure, the privilege, the honour of seeing your movies or being your fan, friend or lover. 

Anyone who says you need to lose weight to have a successful, long career is full of shit (look at Tess Munster, Beth Ditto, Melissa McCarthy and all these famous fat babes).

In conclusion: don't worry about your weight. Love how you look. Take care of your body. And focus on your career, girl, because it's red-hot!

Yours in friendship, 
Rebecca Esther

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