Link Love 29.9.2012: 2 Broke Girls, Pie & Sparkly Dresses

Hey, it's Saturday! Time to cozy up with some links:

USWeekly's slideshow of Taylor Swift's trademark sparkly dresses is drool-worthy!
What does your nail polish say about you? Apparently I'm vivacious and fearless! How about you?

Zesty cheeseburger mac sounds hearty and delicious! Since I don't eat beef, I'd try leaving it out or substituting more veggies and/or soy crumble. How about you?

Click this if you wish you were in Florida!

These tips for saving a few extra dollars a week are very actionable.

2 Broke Girls is back! I love this article about lessons Kat Dennings' and Beth Behrs' characters can teach entrepreneurs about starting a business.

I love this post from Southern Belle Simple. Kate says,

"We all know that when pie is sliced, everybody gets a piece. There's only so much to go around and a bigger piece for me might mean that you're stuck with a smaller piece. This all makes sense to me in the world of pie. But why have we taken this pie theology and applied it to other things in life? For instance, why do we believe there is only so much success to go around? Success is not pie".

That's it for this week, gorgeous! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Image: Dita Von Teese
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