An Open Letter To Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is a great actor, she was hilarious in Bridesmaids, and she seems like a genuinely nice person.

But, I don't support her choice to be Jenny Craig Australia's spokesperson, because:
1, she's sending an awful message to her fans, and 2, weight loss almost never works anyway.

In an interview, she said ‘this [obesity] is something I can fix. So I should probably fix it'.

Except you can't 'fix' obesity, because weight loss almost never works, and because obesity may not even be a problem to begin with.

Rebel has lost 30-something pounds and hopes to lose more. She says, 'I guess with being this size you kind of put yourself into the friendzone. You never think anyone will be attracted to you at this weight. So you don’t really go out' [source].

Here's my open letter to her:

Dear Rebel Wilson,

You're gorgeous. You're talented. You're hilarious. And you're smart. 

 But you're doing something very, very stupid.

Your Jenny Craig partnership? Bad idea. 

Many of your fans (including me) feel alienated. We're expected to lose weight if we're fat and we enjoy your movies? If we have a killer sense of humour and a successful career like you, that isn't enough unless we drop a few dress sizes? That's the implicit message you're sending.

I'm sure your desire to lose weight stems from your insecurity about being in 'the friendzone', being unloved, your career ending too soon. But your fears are irrational.

Anyone who doesn't like you because of your looks doesn't deserve the pleasure, the privilege, the honour of seeing your movies or being your fan, friend or lover. 

Anyone who says you need to lose weight to have a successful, long career is full of shit (look at Tess Munster, Beth Ditto, Melissa McCarthy and all these famous fat babes).

In conclusion: don't worry about your weight. Love how you look. Take care of your body. And focus on your career, girl, because it's red-hot!

Yours in friendship, 
Rebecca Esther

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Link Love 29.9.2012: 2 Broke Girls, Pie & Sparkly Dresses

Hey, it's Saturday! Time to cozy up with some links:

USWeekly's slideshow of Taylor Swift's trademark sparkly dresses is drool-worthy!
What does your nail polish say about you? Apparently I'm vivacious and fearless! How about you?

Zesty cheeseburger mac sounds hearty and delicious! Since I don't eat beef, I'd try leaving it out or substituting more veggies and/or soy crumble. How about you?

Click this if you wish you were in Florida!

These tips for saving a few extra dollars a week are very actionable.

2 Broke Girls is back! I love this article about lessons Kat Dennings' and Beth Behrs' characters can teach entrepreneurs about starting a business.

I love this post from Southern Belle Simple. Kate says,

"We all know that when pie is sliced, everybody gets a piece. There's only so much to go around and a bigger piece for me might mean that you're stuck with a smaller piece. This all makes sense to me in the world of pie. But why have we taken this pie theology and applied it to other things in life? For instance, why do we believe there is only so much success to go around? Success is not pie".

That's it for this week, gorgeous! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Image: Dita Von Teese

New York City: What To Wear

In just a few weeks, I'll be headed to New York City! I'm already giddy with anticipation, thrilled to return to one of my very favourite cities.

I've started to prepare by airing out my suitcase and reading about NYC must-sees, but what I haven't done yet is chosen what to wear! As a fashion blogger, that's incredibly important.

So here are my ideas:

Edgy Meets Comfy

Breakfast at Tiffany's Glam

The Stylish Tourist NYC

Which look do you like the best?

Related Links:

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On Religion

 I've already talked about growing up in a multicultural family, but I haven't much touched on religion-- part because it can be a very heavy, controversial topic, but mainly because, until recently, I haven't had much to say about it.

As a child, I was mostly exposed to Judaism. Both of my parents were Jewish, and my father's side of the family (I didn't yet know my mom's) was, too. We had Passover seders, celebrated Rosh Hashanah, and I went to Hebrew school on Sunday mornings.

Around my twelfth birthday, I developed great interest in religious traditions and values. I started having Shabbat dinners at my Bubby's house, demanded that we celebrate Purim (the holiday from which my name, Esther, comes), and begged my parents to let me have a Bat Mitzvah.

My Bat Mitzvah was one of the best days of my life.

Around my fifteenth birthday, I experienced two huge changes: my parents separated and I developed a chronic illness.

I sought solace in (among other things) spirituality. I discovered Paganism (Wicca, in particular), and dove in, reading everything I could get my hands on, saying spells, invoking the Goddess Bastet and learning about sabbats, runes and deities.

Since then, my religious views have become even more ecelectic; in addition to Judaism and Paganism, I have been reading about Native religions and Christianity. I'm happy to be multidenominational.

In short, I believe no one religion is right, necessarily, and there's no need to subscribe to just one. If many aspects from many religions resonate with you, that's wonderful. Believe! Celebrate! Observe! 

To me, religion is something to strengthen and celebrate who you are and what you believe in. What ever that is, embrace it.


Networking, Pasta Salad & Underwater Style: Link Love 22.9.2012

Happy Saturday! For your reading pleasure:

7 Networking Tips for Generation Y, from Kontrary. I found this really useful!

Oh my goodness: Roald Dahl mugs! Your inner child will squeal with delight.

When and how to disclose your chronic illness to a potential employer.

Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta!) is really great.

If you work from home, design a home office where you'll actually work, says The Daily Muse.

Bri at Design Love Fest shot a style post underwater! I love the gold lamé skirt.

Peterborough's "Don't Be That Guy" campaign is brilliant. 

This pasta salad looks delicious. How can you go wrong with goat cheese?

Enjoy your weekend! ♥

Image: Tess Munster


My mom emailed me a really inspiring quote this morning. So I thought I'd share it with you:

"Pretend to be the person you want to be. One day you'll realize you are no longer pretending"

It's reminiscent of "fake it 'til you make it", and I like that.

Sometimes, convincing yourself to take on a quality is a self-fulfilling prophecy which allows you to develop the quality in earnest.

Link Love 15.9.2012: DIY Manicures, Canadian Fashionistas & Saying No

Canadian Fashion Icons to be Proud of-- including Emily Haines and Jessica Pare, this is a fabulous list!
15 Moderately Classy Ways to Say NO, from Life as an Artistpreneur is cheeky and practical and brilliant, all in one.

Doe-eyed look how-to. Gorgeous!

If you love the ocean and wish your home contained a little bit of the beach, this DIY Craft Stick Beach Plaque is perfect for you.

This extensive list of DIY manicure tips from Nailed It is fantastic!

Enjoy your weekend!

Image: Julie Andrews

FBBI Podcast #2: Invisible Illnesses

Things I Love Friday 14.9.2012

What a week!

I've been under the weather the past couple of weeks, so what better time to find things to be grateful for? Besides kleenex, that is... ha!

I'm excited, because:

I'm starting a new writing class on the 25th. I love learning new techniques & getting inspired by others' work.

My Maman's birthday party is this weekend.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to catch up with Tush, who I haven't seen since we went to the beach a few weeks ago.

Doing The Twist! Coffee runs before work ♥ Crisp, cool almost-Autumn mornings
Buying a huge stack of greeting cards to mail to friends ♥
♥ Sweet messages from fellow writers ♥ Forest green nail polish
Writing poetry on the bus ♥ Hot french fries
♥ Discovering new blogs to read

My One and Only-- such a great movie! ♥
♥ All-consuming, super-intense self-love
What made your week?Link

Fall Beauty Wishlist

We've already talked about Fall Beauty Trends to Try, but what about the new (or new to us) products we can't resist? Here are my top 6:

Fall Beauty Wishlist

1 Butter London's Fall Collection looks amazing, but I'm especially gobsmacked about the aptly named Gobsmacked nail polish!

2 Teal is one of my favourite colours, and a perfect way to update the classic smokey eye. After lining your eyes with sultry smudged black or dark brown, add a flick of teal.

3 Show-stopping brows are big this Autumn. Shape (but don't thin) yours with an all in one brow kit for the best results. Wet n Wild's brow kit is the best value I've ever seen, and I intend to buy it again.

4 Rosy cheeks were all over NYFW's runways, so embrace the natural look and swipe on some blush. I'd love to try Nars'.

5 Flawless skin is always in, and BB cream can't seem to stay on drugstore shelves. I'd love to try Maybelline's.

6 A rich red lipstick, like this one from L'Oreal, will bring out the vamp in you.

What Fall beauty products and trends are you most excited to try?

Link Love 8.9.2012: TV, Jennifer Lawrence & Dibs!

Interesting: the history of "dibs!".

Ragen Chastain's writings about size acceptance are always great, but this Dances With Fat post struck a chord with me.

MTV VMAs fashion + celebrities' nail art at the VMAs!

Jennifer Lawrence had a bit part on Monk! How cool is that?!

The 25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2012. Which are you most excited about?

How to make IDGAF Banana Nut Bread, by Twinkie Chan
. Love it (especially the title)!

And some more delicious DIY: rose petal bellini lollipops.

Lastly: candy corn Oreos exist! Oh my goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend!

How Hobbies Can Improve Mental Health

The Ramen Girl did more for me than make me appreciate that 'real' ramen's better than instant noodles ;)

This film is about a naive but charming American girl called Abby, who travels to Japan to be with her expat boyfriend. Everything is peachy for Abby, until her boyfriend ditches her. Falling apart, she finds solace in the neighbourhood ramen house, and finally convinces the moody old chef to take her on as an apprentice.

Though Abby is a downright klutz at first, she eventually catches on to every cooking skill she is taught. Yet...

Mother: “Her broth is bland.”
Sensei: “I wonder why. She’s mastered the technique perfectly.”
Mother: “Sometimes too much technical training can get in the way. You cook with your head. Your head is full of noise. You must learn to cook from the quieter place deep inside of you. Each bowl of ramen you prepare is a gift to your customer. The food that you serve your customer becomes a part of them. It contains your spirit. That’s why your ramen must be an expression of pure love. A gift from your heart.”
Abby: “I don’t know anything about love. Every time I feel it, it’s gone. It disappears. And all I have left is pain and sadness.”
Mother: “Begin by putting your tears into your broth.”

Abby learns that, in order to both overcome the sorrow she felt when her love left her, and to perfect the art of making ramen, she must put her heart into it. There's even a science behind this!

Kelly Lambert, the neuroscientist who wrote “Lifting Depression,” asserts that…

Activity that “… produces a result you can see, feel, and touch, such as knitting a sweater or tending a garden” [and cooking!] causes physiological changes in the brain that promote a sense of well-being, and that such activity “reduces stress and anxiety and, most important, builds resilience against the onset of depression.”

The Ramen Girl teaches us that finding and working at a passion really can improve our mental health.

What is your passion?

"Why do we hate the overweight?"

The Gloss
writer Jennifer Wright's recent article, "Why Do We Hate the Overweight?", is very insightful.

She confesses, "there is not a day of my life when I do not worry about my weight". From that line, I knew this article was not just another piece of 'fat people suck' drivel. This was personal.

Jennifer shares this anecdote: "I just spent ten minutes debating whether or not to eat a piece of ice cream cake... [but I can't, because] if my weight goes over a certain amount I feel a real and true fury at myself [because] I realize that the skinnier I am, the nicer people are to me".

After 3 pages discussing why society hates fat people (and how irrational this is), she finishes, "Incidentally, I ate the ice cream cake... I ate it and it tasted as good as skinny feels".


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