"Why do we hate the overweight?"

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writer Jennifer Wright's recent article, "Why Do We Hate the Overweight?", is very insightful.

She confesses, "there is not a day of my life when I do not worry about my weight". From that line, I knew this article was not just another piece of 'fat people suck' drivel. This was personal.

Jennifer shares this anecdote: "I just spent ten minutes debating whether or not to eat a piece of ice cream cake... [but I can't, because] if my weight goes over a certain amount I feel a real and true fury at myself [because] I realize that the skinnier I am, the nicer people are to me".

After 3 pages discussing why society hates fat people (and how irrational this is), she finishes, "Incidentally, I ate the ice cream cake... I ate it and it tasted as good as skinny feels".


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