Link Love 29.6.2012 Polka Dots Galore & Work That Doesn't Feel Like Work

Around here, Friday means lots o' links for you to enjoy! Have fun :)

Michael Nobbs offers a reminder to appreciate life's small joys (and focus on what's important). If you suffer from chronic fatigue or a similar issue, I highly reccomend his blog. It's a very inspiring push in the right direction, toward healing, self-improvement and creativity.
From Charade: How To Find Work That Doesn't Feel Like Work. Great tips!
From Retronaut: How To Kiss, 1942
. I love the pictures.

Polkadot Sweetheart is absolutely gorgeous. Another awesome outfit: heat wave from Gabifresh.

Via Nubby Twiglet: "Did you know that the screen of each laptop in the Apple Store is set out to the exact same angle? 'Employees who open the store every day…use a leveling device that allows them to tilt each computer screen to the correct 70-degree angle. The tool they employ for that task? An incline-measuring app loaded onto an iPhone.'"

This polka dot tray DIY looks easy and adorable.

Where Toronto's article, The Right Fit for All Shapes, is fantastic! If you're planning on shopping in Toronto and need something other than straight sizes, it's worth a read.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo: Rebecca Esther (that's me!) of Fashion / Beauty / Body Image.

TiLT 28.6.2012

This week has been full of dinner dates, working late nights and playing Princess Die on repeat.

The highlights:

I have a new beau! He has wonderful taste in music, gorgeous eyes and is incredibly sweet. Most importantly, he makes me feel beautiful. I think I'm going to keep this one ;)

Lady Gaga released a new song! It's melancholy and devastatingly beautiful.

♥ I landed a new gig which I am so excited about!

♥ I'm working on my 25 Before 25 list of goals, and am looking forward to sharing it with you next week.

Little things which made me smile:

Avocado maki. Delicious! ♥ Evening coffee runs with my mom. ♥ Southern accents. "Denis the Cat Stole My Pants!". Literally LOL funny. ♥ Finding Take 5 (my favourite American chocolate bar) at Scarborough Town Centre ♥ Bright blue phone chargers. ♥ Deep-fried mushrooms. ♥ "Ring of Fire" Neon ♥ Bellinis with my bestie ♥ Being affectionately referred to as a Snowbird (though I'd rather be called a Floridian!) ♥ Sequins, sequins, everywhere! ♥ Getting my NDP card in the mail #FemmeProblems

And finally: I really love this quote:

What made your week?

How To Wear Neon

Whether you're looking to incorporate a bit of trendiness into your classic beauty look, are keen to dip your toe in the neon pool or want to wear head-to-toe brights, here are some ideas for how to look nifty in neon.

Neon 1

Wear bright lipstick, hot pink blush or a neon manicure to draw attention to your favourite feature.

Neon 3

For a mixture of classy cool and trendy chic, add a bright orange clutch or multi-coloured hair ties to a simple, stunning outfit.

Neon 2

To make a splash, choose one or two brights and plan your outfit around them. Neon green heels, pale green pants and a bright pink and black top? Oh yes!

All Polyvore sets ( + + + ) by Fashion / Beauty / Body Image.

Things I Love Thursday 21.6.2012

The past couple days have been very hard. While waiting for this depression to pass, I'm listening to My Chemical Romance interviews for inspiration, chewing strawberry gum and writing.

Self-care is incredibly important, especially when you're feeling low. Exercises in gratitude can help sometimes, so I'm glad it's time for TiLT.

♥ Sweet text messages from my Dad
♥ Apple chips with cinnamon ♥ "Vagina is not a dirty word" ♥ Tropical manicures ♥ Tea tree spearmint conditioner My Chem, I love you. So much.

What made you smile today?

Remembering a Bad Day

Encouraging mental health and dispelling the stigma on mental illness is a passion of mine. From time to time, for this reason and in the interest of transparency, I discuss my own experiences with mental health/illness.

This is a page from one of my old journals. Trigger warning: self-injury.

Finally, I could breathe. It felt like I had been holding my breath for months and could at long last, exhale.

With every cut came ecstasy.

With every healing wound, the cold realization of what I had done.

I wasn't ashamed, but I knew my family would be disgusted. And that hurt. Why couldn't they accept that I couldn't digest my emotions and cope with experiences like I used to before?

Before. Before was a long time ago. Before the sickness. Before Borderline and anxiety and depression and high school and my parents' divorce.

I'm in recovery now. It's been years. But every once in a while, there's an itch beneath my skin that I fear only a razor can scratch.

What I Wore: Queen & Portland

Today before school I went shopping in the West Queen West area. At Winners (Queen & Portland) I stopped to take a picture of my outfit.

What I wore:

Dress: Walmart (it was $11! Crazy!)
Shoes: Betsey Johnson

I love mixing cheap with high-end, affordable trends with investment pieces and fun with classic. I think Betsey and my looks-more-expensive-than-it-is frock pulled it off nicely!

I'm off to school! Stay gorgeous :)

Take a Detour To Clermont, Florida!

Gorgeous Lake Louisa

Clermont. Unless you're from Central Florida, you probably haven't heard of it. Afterall, Mickey Mouse casts a pretty big shadow. But once you've visited this sweet city, it's hard to forget.

Situated in Lake County, just west of Orlando, Clermont is a suburban area full of hills and lakes, drawing Floridians and tourists alike to its beautiful natural playground. Clermont is lovingly nicknamed "Gem of the Hills" because it truly offers a little something for everyone:

If genuine old-fashioned charm is what you seek, American history buffs, look no further! Rich in Floridian history, Clermont is home to Florida's Citrus Tower. The Tower, built in 1956, is one of the state's first constructed landmarks. It is over 500 feet above sea level, making it the Florida's highest observation point.

Similarly, downtown Clermont's historic village will thrill you-- it hasn't changed much in the past 50 years and is filled to the brim with distinctive Floridian culture.

Fashionistas can spend an afternoon at lovely Clermont Landing, a shopping centre at Steve's Road and US 27. The centre features Ross, JC Penney, restaurants, a craft store, a movie theatre and TJ Maxx (an amazing one, in fact: I bought my favourite handbag there!).

Wine connoisseurs from around the world flock to Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards to taste locally made wine and attend special events including the Harvest Festival, craft shows and concerts.

Families can visit the Showcase of Citrus, a popular roadside attraction featuring a swamp buggy, pick-your-own oranges and an informative eco-tour led by a personable citrus farmer.

Photographers, artists and families taking vacation photos will love posing for pictures and happily strolling through the residential areas for their picturesque parks and friendly neighbourhoods.

Foodies enjoy the trendy Family Food Truck event which takes place on the first Friday of July on Minneola Avenue near 7th St.

Athletes can work up a sweat hiking or biking the Clermont/Minneola Trail.

Golfers, tee up at Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club.

The politically inclined can visit life-sized wax sculptures of presidents and first ladies at the Presidents Hall of Fame. Plus, take photos with the huge model White House. ("Toto, I've a feeling we're not in D.C. anymore...)

ATV enthusiasts and zealous young motorists love Revolution: The Off-Road Experience so much that it's been rated Clermont's #1 attraction on Trip Advisor.

Outdoor lovers, grab your swimsuit, grill or canoe! Lake Louisa State Park (pictured above) is naturally a great getaway. Stay overnight in a tent or cottage, or just spend the day. Either way, the sunsets are breathtaking and it is totally worth getting away from the city for a little tranquility.

Getting there: Clermont is most easily accessible by car (take highway 50 west from Orlando), but can be reached by Central Florida's LYNX Public Transportation System.

Clermont is an affordable, educational and fun detour on a memorable Florida vacation, no matter your interests or budget.

250 Posts!

Thank you for almost 2 years of fabulousness & for reading my (over) 250 posts! I couldn't have done it without you.

Here's to much love and many more years of Fashion / Beauty / Body Image!

Photo: Marilyn Monroe by?

The Smart (& Broke) Girl's Guide to Money

I hope this post earns me a sitcom starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs....

With a mountain of debt and constant cravings for a new pair of gorgeous shoes, it's hard to be smart about money. The recession isn't helping us either. In my struggle to become financially savvy, I've picked up a few great tips. Time to pass 'em on to you:

1 Scrimp and save-- most of the time.
Splurging constantly is bad for your wallet, and you'll appreciate the indulgences less. Being frugal all the time isn't any fun. Compromise.

2 Sign up for a no-penalty savings account. Put as much money as you can afford into the account and do not touch it unless you absolutely have to. You'll accumulate a small (but still worthwhile) amount of interest, and you'll have cash for an emergency or a rainy day.

3 Use your talents to earn extra cash. I won't be naive and say it's easy or that it's a substantial amount of cash. But the occasional proofreading gig, evening of babysitting or few hours of tutoring (or selling cupcakes like Max and Caroline on 2 Broke Girls!) might work. It's also a good way to fill out an empty resume.

4 Don't rush to move out. If you're in your late teens to late twenties, not only is staying with your parent(s) financially savvy, it's also becoming the norm. Instead of spending money on rent or a mortgage, fill your savings account (see number 2) and stay with the fam. My mom and I live together, and it's great. Sure, we get on each other's nerves from time to time (she leaves apple stems all over the place; I refuse to vaccuum until absolutely necessary) and I get frustrated by the days when I go from being babied to having a list of chores and errands to do, 'like the grown-up you are', BUT my mom and I are closer than ever, and we're finally able to see each other not only as mother and daughter, but as friends. I wouldn't change that for the world.

How do you stay smart about your finances?

Link Love 8.6.2012

Happy Friday!

Here are some fun links for your enjoyment:
Jewelry DIYS from P.S. I made this & into mind. I especially love the colours!

How cute is this organizing idea from Chantel Guertin?!

I'm having a sale at my online shop. Lots of nifty stuff looking for a good home, including some limited edition Cake lip glosses. Go go go! :)

This raspberry lemonade looks incredible!

6 Free Ways To End Your Fashion Rut. Tip #3 is something I do frequently; it's awesome to see that another blogger does, too. Do you?

The Great Gatsby's wardrobe looks amazing.

Have you seen RadNails' "Hot Man-icure"? Hilarious!

Have a great weekend!

Things I Love Thursday 7.6.2012

Hey, doll! I can't believe it's already Thursday again!
As always, it's time for a roundup of all the things we're happy about and grateful for this week.

I'm excited about:

The product review I'm working on for school.

Setting up my office.

Looking forward to plans with my dad this Tuesday.

This t-shirt!

Little things which made me smile:

♥ Meep Meep Meep by OPI Pizza bread My brand new blue flokati rug ♥ Early morning texts from my best friend ♥ Making strangers smile ♥ Ice cold spring water
Crossing items off my to do list

What made your week?

Image: Taylor Swift

Nautical Fashion:

H E L L O S A I L O R !

I'm not sure what it is about nautical style that makes me weak in the knees... My love of the ocean? That casual, classic '60s feel? What ever it is, I'm overjoyed at this summer's love affair with all things nautical.

Glamour Magazine blogger Laurel recently posted about her obsession with nautical striped tops, saying "I literally have six. It's a problem". But she's far from the only one enamoured of this look.

The trend has a rich history. According to the Telegraph, its birth was in 1846, when Queen Victoria dressed her four-year-old son in a sailor suit for a day aboard the Royal Yacht. Many Victorian parents fashioned similar suits for their kids, and a new trend was born.

Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood have all channeled a cool maritime vibe for past collections, and musicians like Christina Aguilera have featured the style in their videos, while pin-up girls and burlesque dancers have batted their lashes, tilted their Captains' caps and said, "hello, sailor!" for decades.

Nautical is definitely here to stay.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to rock the nautical look:


On my recent trip to Florida, I was tempted to spend every moment in my favourite bathing suit, a navy and white striped tankini top with a sweetheart neck and matching shorts.

Nail Art

Red, white and blue nails are a subtle, pretty way to embrace the trend. Add some stripes or anchor-shaped appliques for some extra punch.

Sailor Suit

It's classic, it's cute, and can be worn in a variety of ways. There's nothing better!

Now that you've been acquainted with my favourite summer trend... What's yours?

Image Sources: Here and Here.

Reveal Me at The Rivoli This Wednesday!

You had best not have any plans this Wednesday night, sugar!

Toronto's new monthly burlesque show, Reveal Me at The Rivoli, is the first Wednesday of every month, including this Wednesday.

Organized by Red Herring and featuring professional peelers and virgin vixens, booze-filled cupcakes, gifts and drinks, it's sure to be a great evening.

Doors at 8, show at 9, and cover is only $10!

I'll be there. How about you?

For more information and to RSVP, visit Reveal Me's facebook page.
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