Link Love 29.6.2012 Polka Dots Galore & Work That Doesn't Feel Like Work

Around here, Friday means lots o' links for you to enjoy! Have fun :)

Michael Nobbs offers a reminder to appreciate life's small joys (and focus on what's important). If you suffer from chronic fatigue or a similar issue, I highly reccomend his blog. It's a very inspiring push in the right direction, toward healing, self-improvement and creativity.
From Charade: How To Find Work That Doesn't Feel Like Work. Great tips!
From Retronaut: How To Kiss, 1942
. I love the pictures.

Polkadot Sweetheart is absolutely gorgeous. Another awesome outfit: heat wave from Gabifresh.

Via Nubby Twiglet: "Did you know that the screen of each laptop in the Apple Store is set out to the exact same angle? 'Employees who open the store every day…use a leveling device that allows them to tilt each computer screen to the correct 70-degree angle. The tool they employ for that task? An incline-measuring app loaded onto an iPhone.'"

This polka dot tray DIY looks easy and adorable.

Where Toronto's article, The Right Fit for All Shapes, is fantastic! If you're planning on shopping in Toronto and need something other than straight sizes, it's worth a read.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo: Rebecca Esther (that's me!) of Fashion / Beauty / Body Image.

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