TiLT 28.6.2012

This week has been full of dinner dates, working late nights and playing Princess Die on repeat.

The highlights:

I have a new beau! He has wonderful taste in music, gorgeous eyes and is incredibly sweet. Most importantly, he makes me feel beautiful. I think I'm going to keep this one ;)

Lady Gaga released a new song! It's melancholy and devastatingly beautiful.

♥ I landed a new gig which I am so excited about!

♥ I'm working on my 25 Before 25 list of goals, and am looking forward to sharing it with you next week.

Little things which made me smile:

Avocado maki. Delicious! ♥ Evening coffee runs with my mom. ♥ Southern accents. "Denis the Cat Stole My Pants!". Literally LOL funny. ♥ Finding Take 5 (my favourite American chocolate bar) at Scarborough Town Centre ♥ Bright blue phone chargers. ♥ Deep-fried mushrooms. ♥ "Ring of Fire" Neon ♥ Bellinis with my bestie ♥ Being affectionately referred to as a Snowbird (though I'd rather be called a Floridian!) ♥ Sequins, sequins, everywhere! ♥ Getting my NDP card in the mail #FemmeProblems

And finally: I really love this quote:

What made your week?

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