Nautical Fashion:

H E L L O S A I L O R !

I'm not sure what it is about nautical style that makes me weak in the knees... My love of the ocean? That casual, classic '60s feel? What ever it is, I'm overjoyed at this summer's love affair with all things nautical.

Glamour Magazine blogger Laurel recently posted about her obsession with nautical striped tops, saying "I literally have six. It's a problem". But she's far from the only one enamoured of this look.

The trend has a rich history. According to the Telegraph, its birth was in 1846, when Queen Victoria dressed her four-year-old son in a sailor suit for a day aboard the Royal Yacht. Many Victorian parents fashioned similar suits for their kids, and a new trend was born.

Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood have all channeled a cool maritime vibe for past collections, and musicians like Christina Aguilera have featured the style in their videos, while pin-up girls and burlesque dancers have batted their lashes, tilted their Captains' caps and said, "hello, sailor!" for decades.

Nautical is definitely here to stay.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to rock the nautical look:


On my recent trip to Florida, I was tempted to spend every moment in my favourite bathing suit, a navy and white striped tankini top with a sweetheart neck and matching shorts.

Nail Art

Red, white and blue nails are a subtle, pretty way to embrace the trend. Add some stripes or anchor-shaped appliques for some extra punch.

Sailor Suit

It's classic, it's cute, and can be worn in a variety of ways. There's nothing better!

Now that you've been acquainted with my favourite summer trend... What's yours?

Image Sources: Here and Here.

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