Unemployed? Maybe it's because you're fat!

Qualified? Professional? She should get the job!

I've been struggling to get job through the past few years.

Jobs are harder to come by when the economy is not doing well, and a young university student with minimal work experience is not going to be first choice employee. However, research has shown that in landing a job, for some, weight is a larger factor than ability.

Society's prejudice against larger people permeates the workplace, leading fatphobic employers to hire unqualified thin women instead of their larger, well-qualified counterparts.

All because of body size.

“I used to get hired very easily when I was thinner. Now if I get called in for an interview, I never hear back. They assume I’m going to be lazy and not get the job done. I try extra hard to look put together, but it’s occurred enough times that there’s no question it’s about my weight and not my skills.” (source)

Just like a 'distaste' for certain cultures, races or genders, this is discrimination.

The time to stand up for ourselves is now. Here's how:

If someone is clearly abusive towards you because of your size, call them on it. 
Be as ostentatiously, fabulously, confidently fat as possible. Wear bright colours and wild prints if you want to. Wear high heels and tight pants and short skirts. Look good, feel better, and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

Everyone has the right to a successful career, happiness, and respect, regardless of the way they look.

Image Source: RebeccaEsther.com

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