Link Love 4.5.2012

It's Friday!

These DIY scrubs look scrumptious, especially the lemon sugar one!

Be a badass, not an intern. Really amazing advice from Jen Dziura

Jim Parsons and Kristin Chenoweth announced the Tony Nominees this week.

Demi Lovato is coming to Toronto this July!

Toronto's Revue Cinema just turned 100. Check out the vintage photo at the link.

Photos of cats plus anticipating spring's arrival is smile-inducing!

I really enjoyed last week's Mad Men Likeability Index.

Though I wish it were more in-depth, MediaBistro's interview with Dan Savage is a good read.

Like Pinterest and Tumblr, Instagram has decided to ban "thinspo". This article does a great job of explaining that getting rid of the tight-knit pro-ED community online won't make the people in them healthier; they'll just feel displaced and isolated. Instead, a more positive alternative should be (but hasn't been) put in place. "People who are struggling need to feel like they’re not alone... When you eliminate a community for people, you have to provide a positive alternative. We’re saying thinspo is dangerous, but we recognize [these groups are] providing a sense of community, and we want to fill that void." 

I just adore Hillary Clinton, don't you? I mean, these photos!

Fashionable Ducks... Because apparently in Australia, this is a thing?!

Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) interviewed Jenny Lawson aka The Blogess

Good tips for thrift shopping.

This DIY Flower Crown is just darling!

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