Unforgettable Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is May 13th this year... what do you have planned?

I'm taking my Maman to Buffalo (her favourite city) for the weekend. She and I are very close, so spending time together seems like the perfect gift, especially if it's accompanied with a handmade card and maybe frappuccinos on a flowery patio or a couple of her favourite tank tops in summer-y colours.

If you don't have any ideas for your mother's special day, never fear!

Here are a bunch of ideas for your Mother's Day gifts and celebration:

Token of Your Love

If you seek a sartorial gem, fun tchochke or sweet memento, try one of these:

♥ A pair of luxe silver or gold earrings. She'd never buy them for herself.
♥ Chocolates and flowers are classic for a reason. Thoughtfulness goes a long way: treat her to her favourite blooms and be sure to include a handwritten card.
♥ Pick up a colourful basket at a craft shop or dollar store and fill it with fun and frivolous treats that all fit a theme: cats, spa or Parisian, perhaps?

Oh, Glorious Day!

Give her an experience, not an item.

♥ Make an amazing dinner for just the two of you. Light her favourite scented candles, play some cheerful tunes and surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. 
♥ If you live in different cities, get her a prepaid long-distance phone card or a Skype membership. Plan a virtual mother-daughter date: each rent the same movie, pick up some chocolate cake and a bottle of wine, and enjoy while you're on the phone. 

♥  Go to a Broadway show or concert. Tickets are often affordable if you book well in advance (it's something to look forward to!) or go to an amateur production.
♥ Spend a day out on the town together. See a movie, go to the restaurant you two love best, do some shopping or people-watch over frozen hot chocolates.
♥ Get mani/pedis together, or have a spa day at your home or hers. Wine, chocolate and trashy magazines are a bonus!

Uniquely Hers

Mama always said it's the thought that counts, and what better way to show her she's on your mind than to make a special treat, just for her?

Write her a beautiful card or poem. Tell her how much she means to you. 
♥ Homemade beauty products are just this thing! This DIY loofah soap looks scrumptious.
♥ How cool would it be to see your mom rocking the shoes, necklace or top you made just for her?

Indie, Handmade

Short on time, or not artistically-inclined, but still looking for a gift that no other mother in her circle will have?

An art print. I love this one.
A year's subscription to the Goddess Circle (it has a special area for Mama Goddesses!).
♥ A fabulous outfit, accessory or objet d'art from an artisan on Etsy or at a local craft fair.

What do you have planned for your mother's special day?

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