Confetti 28.1.2011

TGIF!! I've had a wonderful week (hope you did too!) but I'm still excited for the weekend.


* Don't forget the Toronto Ultimate Travel Show is this Saturday + Sunday. Will I see you there?

* The Jane Austen Argument released their first album this week. It's only $5. You'll love it!

* College Candy offers great advice about preserving your privacy on facebook.

* This is a fun read for those of us who came of age when Mean Girls came out.

* 10 Fun Facts About Kissing. Because Valentine's Day is coming up, and intelligence is the best aphrodisiac!

* These are so cute.

* Gala Darling is offering a Radical Self Love workshop next week!

Have a great day!!

TiLT 27.1.2011

Happy Thursday!

Little things which made me smile:

* Laurel + Hardy films

* Homemade mac+cheese, shared with family

* Feeling well-hydrated

* Green, asymetrical t-shirt dress-- I felt fierce wearing it :)

* Awakening early, when the rest of the world is asleep

* Swiss cheese + tomato panini

+ Awesome news for Toronto-based readers:

* Dlish Cupcakes recently opened on Queen Street. The little, welcoming shop smells of frosting, inviting you in.  There are 16 different flavours on the menu, 9 offered daily, including dulce de leche, nutella, a lightly spiced cinnamon and (my favourite) red velvet. Dlish is definitely worth a visit next time you're at West Queen West.

* This weekend is the Toronto Travel Show.  Looks like it will be a fun, informative event, so check it out if you get the chance. I will be, and next week I'll tell you all about it.

What things did you love this Thursday?


Just For Tonight -- Music Monday

Hauntingly beautiful, romantic and passionate, "Just For Tonight" by Ville Valo and Manna is a powerful piece.

Listen here:

Confetti 21.1.2011

TGIF + welcome to this week's Confetti.

Here's recent interview with Alice Ripley. She's so passionate and articulate!! I love her + you will too. Alice is starring in the tour production of Next To Normal. She will be in Toronto this summer. For all dates, check Next To Normal's website.

NOOOO!! Amanda Palmer's worst enemy, in the form of gelato. The horror! Speaking of Ms Palmer, her new album is out NOW. Go to to download it for just 69 cents, this instant!!! On second thought, read the rest of this post, then go :)

Dita von Teese offers a glamorous tip for fixing your updo.

Blake Bashoff of Spring Awakening and Lost fame recently started a food blog! He's infamous for making his twitter followers drool at descriptions of his latest edibles, so check out these recipes (pictures too!).

Toronto's government wants to cut library funding!!

On the topic of libraries, Northern District Branch is reopening this February.

TTC is cutting bus routes. Have your say here.

10 Ways To Be a Body Positivty Advocate is a must-read!!

Have a great weekend!!

TiLT 20.1.2011

* Olive Tapenade on toasted baguette...mmmm! Even better when shared with the family.

* Making new friends on twitter.

* Assorted Citrus Halls. They taste so good! My sore throat feels better too.

* My sequined Betseyville bag.

* Fuzzy socks on chilly winter mornings.

What do you love this Thursday?


By now, it's a well-known fact that I love Ryan Reynolds. But Buried (2010) has cemented my respect and adoration.

Buried is a thriller by Rodrigo Cort├ęs. It centers around Paul, an American truck driver who is deployed to Iraq. Paul's convoy is attacked--that's the last thing he remembers upon waking in a coffin buried several feet under ground.

I have never seen a scarier film. Nor have I ever seen one actor carry an entire story by himself. There wasn't a single moment when the viewer is not on the edge of her seat, biting her lip, heart racing.

Writing this well after having seen the film, my heart is still pounding and I can't get the fervent click of Paul's lighter out of my mind.

Sex Education: "Another Attack On Religious Freedom"?!

An individual bent on controlling the entire world cares about 'religious freedom' all of a sudden.

"I cannot remain silent about another attack on religious freedom [by] sexual education," the Pope announced in his annual address to foreign diplomats.

He complained that sex ed courses "reflect an anthropology opposed to faith and to right reason".

Catholicism is not inherently bad. However, the concept of "(Catholic) faith and all that is right" going hand-in-hand encapsulates everything that is wrong with Catholicism.   A person can have faith without subscribing to the pope's ideals. A person can be decent, compassionate and good without being Catholic. And a person, Catholic or not, has the right to contraception and the responsibility to know how his or her body functions.

Furthermore, the Pope's understanding of "religious freedom" is completely off the mark. He wants all people to be free to observe their religion... if that religion is Catholocism. The Pope also implies that all people should have freedom (it's in the phrase "religious freedom", afterall)... but that freedom is incredibly limited.

What to take away from this: Everything we learn from both religion and formal schooling must be taken with a grain of salt, then used to formulate our own philosophy. We must have the freedom to do so.

Confetti 7.1.2011

Hello, ladies!

I have lots of nifty tidbits to share with you this week, so here we go!

* While nibbling some multigrain toast at breakfast this morning, I pondered the fact that peanut butter is wonderfully (deliciously) versatile. It can be eaten as part of a healthy first meal of the day, or can star in decadent treats like these Peanut Butter Squares. I totally reccomend that link, by the way-- there's a recipe and giveaway at!

* Duffy is adorable! I've been a fan since her first album, Rockferry. In this video, she discusses and performs her new song, "Don't Forsake Me".

* I love the cut of this fabulous dress. It has a cinched waist which is flattering on all body types and is classically pretty.


* In "The Lazy Geek's Travelling Office", Richard Kershaw discusses how he is able to run a successful business and spend three to four months of the year abroad.

* 6 Tips for Looking Better in Photos

Have a great weekend!

2011 is upon us!!

Hello, ladies! I hope the new year is treating you well.

I'd love to hear about your resolutions and how you rang in 2011, so send me a message if you so desire : )
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