Sex Education: "Another Attack On Religious Freedom"?!

An individual bent on controlling the entire world cares about 'religious freedom' all of a sudden.

"I cannot remain silent about another attack on religious freedom [by] sexual education," the Pope announced in his annual address to foreign diplomats.

He complained that sex ed courses "reflect an anthropology opposed to faith and to right reason".

Catholicism is not inherently bad. However, the concept of "(Catholic) faith and all that is right" going hand-in-hand encapsulates everything that is wrong with Catholicism.   A person can have faith without subscribing to the pope's ideals. A person can be decent, compassionate and good without being Catholic. And a person, Catholic or not, has the right to contraception and the responsibility to know how his or her body functions.

Furthermore, the Pope's understanding of "religious freedom" is completely off the mark. He wants all people to be free to observe their religion... if that religion is Catholocism. The Pope also implies that all people should have freedom (it's in the phrase "religious freedom", afterall)... but that freedom is incredibly limited.

What to take away from this: Everything we learn from both religion and formal schooling must be taken with a grain of salt, then used to formulate our own philosophy. We must have the freedom to do so.

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