Confetti 7.1.2011

Hello, ladies!

I have lots of nifty tidbits to share with you this week, so here we go!

* While nibbling some multigrain toast at breakfast this morning, I pondered the fact that peanut butter is wonderfully (deliciously) versatile. It can be eaten as part of a healthy first meal of the day, or can star in decadent treats like these Peanut Butter Squares. I totally reccomend that link, by the way-- there's a recipe and giveaway at!

* Duffy is adorable! I've been a fan since her first album, Rockferry. In this video, she discusses and performs her new song, "Don't Forsake Me".

* I love the cut of this fabulous dress. It has a cinched waist which is flattering on all body types and is classically pretty.


* In "The Lazy Geek's Travelling Office", Richard Kershaw discusses how he is able to run a successful business and spend three to four months of the year abroad.

* 6 Tips for Looking Better in Photos

Have a great weekend!

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