Confetti 21.1.2011

TGIF + welcome to this week's Confetti.

Here's recent interview with Alice Ripley. She's so passionate and articulate!! I love her + you will too. Alice is starring in the tour production of Next To Normal. She will be in Toronto this summer. For all dates, check Next To Normal's website.

NOOOO!! Amanda Palmer's worst enemy, in the form of gelato. The horror! Speaking of Ms Palmer, her new album is out NOW. Go to to download it for just 69 cents, this instant!!! On second thought, read the rest of this post, then go :)

Dita von Teese offers a glamorous tip for fixing your updo.

Blake Bashoff of Spring Awakening and Lost fame recently started a food blog! He's infamous for making his twitter followers drool at descriptions of his latest edibles, so check out these recipes (pictures too!).

Toronto's government wants to cut library funding!!

On the topic of libraries, Northern District Branch is reopening this February.

TTC is cutting bus routes. Have your say here.

10 Ways To Be a Body Positivty Advocate is a must-read!!

Have a great weekend!!

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