16 Before 2016

I'm really into setting goals
(and celebrating when I achieve them!), so I love the idea of 16 before 2016, a goal setting challenge created by Lisa Jacobs. So here's my list:

1. Launch our holiday project at The Selectively Silent Child. I'm so excited about it!
2. Wear more hats.
3. Eat more avocados. Part because they're delicious, but mainly because I just learned that avocados help relieve arthritis pain.
4. Rewatch Les Miserables (1935). Today I rewatched the 2012 musical version, so now I have such an urge to watch my other favourite film version.
5. Make plans to visit my step dad in January or February. 
6. Get referred to a hematologist, psychiatrist, gynecologist, and a new endocrinologist, and make appointments with my other specialists. The life of a spoonie is so much fun! Not.
7. Rearrange my home office.
8. Make falafel.
9. Write about PCOS.
10. Write about the relationship between medication, weight gain and body positivity.
11. Find more fat acceptance, fatshion and body positivity blogs to follow.
12. Take outfit photos at least once. It's been ages!
13. Pitch an article.
14. Moisturize daily! So important, especially during Canadian winters.
15. Look into CBT and/or DBT for 2016.
16. Write about 2015. Between Fibro fog and simply living a busy (and mostly productive) life, 2015 feels like a whirlwind. I want to take some time to focus on my accomplishments and cherished memories, and consider how to make next year even better than this one.

*Italics = in progress & struck out = completed

What do you have planned for the rest of 2015? Share in the comments below!

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