Playing Catch-Up

Hi Sparklers! I've missed you.

I thought we'd play a little catch-up today, because it's been pretty quiet here. First there was Christmas, which I spent with my mom and David at Kalahari in Sandusky, OH. It was amazing! Then, being a spoonie, I had to spend a week in bed to recuperate from a few days' fun. Then I go a cold, and spent who-knows-how-long in bed because of that. And now I'm finally starting to get back to normal. My normal, anyway! 

Other stuff:

-I'm working on an article about coping with especially bad episodes of Trichotillomania. Have something to say? Comment below, or email me! If I use your tips, you'll be credited (of course).

-I've been pinning a lot! Join me on Pinterest. You'll especially like these boards: Travel and Coping With Chronic Illness.

-I'm also trying to be more active on Instagram. Join me? I post inspiration, travel snaps, and of course selfies, catstagrams and food pictures.

-I love (and intend to use!) this Seasonal Intention Calendar from Jess Lively.

-I can't help but daydream about these 10 weird and wonderful swimming pools.

-My fellow SAD-sufferers: this free ebook from Yes and Yes will make this time of year a little cheerier. I can't wait to finish reading it!

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