Oh what a wonderful morning!

Good morning, Sparklers!

I'm having my best morning in ages. Months! I am so happy I'm probably glowing.

I slept a lot yesterday, so I was up by 5:30 this morning. I curled up beside my mom and cats (all of whom were fast asleep) and read a bit of Jane Eyre (which I'm rereading for the first time since I was 16), played around on Tumblr, and just relaxed. My mom had to leave for work early today, so I left with her around 7. I went to a diner near my house and had eggs florentine and coffee while reading and writing. Then I ran errands, went for a walk (it felt so good to exercise!) and came home.

Now I'm sitting on my bed, listening to HIM, about to get to work on some social media tasks. My cats are sitting with me again, both probably surprised by how alert I am, or the fact that I'm actually wearing pants (not pyjama pants) and a bra.

So I just thought I'd type out a quick blog post to you, my darlings, because I've learned something this morning:

A good day can just happen, out of the blue. And you can make it happen. Even if the weather isn't great. Even if it's still winter and you have SAD. Even if you were depressed yesterday. Every day is an opportunity to create a good day. And even if you don't succeed, doing your best with the spoons you have is what matters. 

Seize the day, mes chรจres!

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