Things I Love Friday // Link Love // 19.7.2013

Gratitude is a vital part of healing, mental health and wellness. Once a week, we compose a list of things we're most grateful for. You're invited to share yours in the comments below.

Weekly highlights:

♥ I'm on my way to Niagara Falls and Buffalo for the weekend. Little getaways are always fun!

♥ Sick Puppies' new album is out, and it's amazing.

Super mega love for:

Pagoda ♥ Ice cream sandwiches. ♥ Rewatching Glee. ♥ Chevron maxi skirts. ♥ Chocolate cupcakes. ♥ Cheap Starbucks drinks. Iced passionfruit tea with a pump of raspberry? Yum! ♥ Buying new lipstick (little indulgences!). ♥

Link Love:

♥ Having trouble accomplishing an overwhelmingly huge task? Make the job smaller.

♥ How do you feel about Rag & Bone's first ever menswear campaign? It stars Michael Pitt so I love it.

21 things that just aren't fair, so you might as well get over them. I thought #9 and #21 really rang true.

What was the highlight of your week?
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