Things I Love Friday // 26.7.2013

Weekly wrap-up:

♥ To be completely honest... The past few weeks have mainly been about staying afloat. Sometimes it's especially hard to balance chronic illness with career and social obligations. Having said that...

♥ I had a great time in Niagara and Buffalo! We walked across the Rainbow Bridge to get from Niagara Falls, ON to Niagara Falls, NY. I've never been in two countries at once before! That was pretty cool. And the view of the falls was breathtaking. Afterwards, I went swimming, did a bit of shopping and hung out with Maman and David (who drove all the way from OH to see us :). Oh, and final note about this trip: the Fairfield Inn in Cheektowaga has the comfiest beds EVER.

Super mega love for:

♥ Brunch with Vivian. ♥ Magnum ice cream. Now I get what the fuss was all about! ♥ Putting together a shelf for my office and feeling like a total rockstar for doing it all by myself. ♥ Glitter nail polish. It's a party in a bottle! ♥ Dreaming big. Reeeeally big. And then working to make those dreams come true! ♥ Huge, ice cold bottles of water when it's hot out. ♥ Not worrying about cellulite even though it's swimsuit season. (Fuck that, we're gorgeous!). ♥ (I love reading about Disney!). ♥ Beth Ditto and Kristin Ogata got married! Beth wore Gaultier (and looked gorgeous, obvs). ♥

How was your week?
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