Things I Love Friday // Link Love // 7.6.2013

Hey, sugar! How was your week?

Mine was pretty good, so TILF time? I think so! (and then scroll down for this week's best reads!). 

Gratitude is a vital part of healing, mental health and wellness. Once a week, we compose a list of things we're most grateful for. You're invited to share yours in the comments below.

Best of the week:

♥ Lunch with Tush, who's so much fun to be with and the best listener ever.
♥ My mom noticed that I've been doing little things to make her feel better, like making dinner as soon as she gets home, always asking how she's feeling and running errands. That makes me feel good.
Sick Puppies' music video for There's No Going Back just came out, and it's absolutely amazing.

Little things which made me smile:

♥ Listening to Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts on repeat all morning. ♥ Hot chocolate. Yum. ♥ One of my favourite books, Le Petit Prince, is about to become an animated movie. Crossing my fingers, because I hope it's incredible. ♥ Looking forward to summer street festivals in Toronto this summer! Read about some of them here. ♥ Reading about Miami and the Florida Keys. ♥ Hawaiian pizza. ♥

Link Love:

How do you feel about this list of the top 10 fictional boyfriends? I've always loved Ron Weasley...

You've gotta love Gob Bluth and his $3000 suits... Come on!

Fellow Twitter nerds, you'll enjoy these posts from Thought Catalog: If Twitter Bios Told the Truth & Your Twitter Timeline Probably.

I was happy to discover an article about Torontonian musician Lights in a local newspaper (and you can read it online).
“There’s so many things that I feel like I’ve already done. It’s frustrating, but I just have to rediscover myself once again, and then triumph.”
Have a wonderful weekend!

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