Things I Love Friday // Link Love // 14.6.2013

Happy Friday!

Gratitude is a vital part of healing, mental health and wellness. Once a week, we compose a list of things we're most grateful for. You're invited to share yours in the comments below.

Best of the week:

Lots of family stuff is my highlight this week. I feel very fortunate.

♥ Dinner with my Dad.
♥ My little brother won a prestigious athletic award. What a way to finish high school!
♥ My mom has a week and a half off, so we've been working on our side hustles, sipping frappucinos while reading magazines, and just enjoying each other's company.

Little things which made me smile:

♥ Rebel Wilson's photo spread in Glamour UK. I especially adore the photo at the top of this post! ♥ This happened. Isn't my mom the cutest?! ♥ Purple nail polish ♥ Grapes, cherries and peaches. They taste like summer! ♥ This ♥ Sweet texts from friends. ♥ Listening to the Tangled and Lilo and Stitch soundtracks on repeat ♥ Jack McBrayer ♥ My freshly steam cleaned- living room. ♥ Cherry cola lip gloss. Smooch! ♥ 'Veronica Sawyer Smokes' (flawless song! flawless). ♥ I bought this dress & can't wait to wear it! ♥

Link Love:

Ever wondered what your favourite Shakespeare play says about you? Flavorwire has you covered! I found this accurate. You?

This is interesting: Mashable lists the top 10 things millennials ask the internet.

DIY animal jar tops are so cute, you'll want to make them yourself!

This Free Self-Love Kit is adorable! (Thanks for the link, Maman!).

Enjoy your weekend!

Image: Rebel Wilson in Glamour UK
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