Things I Love Friday & Link Love 5-6.4.2013: Rainbow Sprinkle Cake, Office Makeovers & Justin Timberlake

Hey darling! So, I'm considering condensing Things I Love Friday and Link Love into one post every week, instead of two. Y'all seem to like it better that way (I got a few emails about it-- thanks!) and the content fits nicely together. Let me know if you feel the same this week. Afterall, Polish and Sparkle is as much yours as it is mine!

♥ Getting excited about my trip to Newark and New York!!

♥ Writing a review of Hot & Heavy (an amazing anthology for fabulous fat women).

♥ Looking forward to seeing my friends, Chana and Tush.

Little things which made me smile:

♥ Feeling inspired ♥ "You do not have to trade for Dunkaroos. You can buy your own Dunkaroos. And then you will control the world" [source] ♥ Immaculately groomed eyebrows ♥ Cherry Italian soda ♥ Reviving old projects (and making them better than ever!) ♥ Push-up bras. Va va voom, I feel like Mae West! ♥ Christina Hendricks in Flare Magazine

And now, on to Link Love!
Justin Timberlake's brilliant marketing strategy sold 980,000 copies of his latest album. Giving away free content really does boost sales.

This rainbow sprinkle cake is amazing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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