Hello, Spring!

Spring is a time of newness and rebirth-- both in nature and in the lives of those with seasonal depression. Most of us with SAD experience this change in mood in the winter, and begin to feel better as spring comes.

Set yourself up for success this spring by taking these steps:

Take it slow. Don't expect all your energy to return the moment it gets warmer.

Be optimistic.

Try new things. What have you never done before, that you'd like to try? Yoga? Sushi? Planting a garden? Now's the time to do it!

Update your wardrobe. Bright colours! On-trend patterns and cuts. A gorgeous dress or sexy slacks that fit just right.

Get a support network in place for next year. Join a meetup.com meetup for people with depression, see if a local hospital offers CBT groups or create your own circle of friends who 'get it'.

Enjoy yourself!

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