How To Get the Most Out of a Conference

Having just come back from TLC's annual trichotillomania conference, I have conferences on my mind! Having been to quite a few, I have some advice for getting the most from this unique learning and networking experience.

Bring a notebook and pen. You never know when you'll want to jot down an important piece of information or contact details. Plus, furiously scribbling notes (or 'notes') is sure to make the speaker feel good!

Don't forget your business cards. I swapped cards with a few fellow attendees and some presenters at the conference, and am looking so forward to keeping in touch! Network, network, network.

Speaking of which, practice your elevator pitch. Find articles that might help here and here.

Make friends. Even if you're shy and/or an introvert, it's worth it to psych yourself up and introduce yourself to someone. You never know; you could make a lifelong friend, connect with a new business contact or, at the very least, prove to yourself that you're capable of getting out of your shell in this kind of environment.

Dress appropriately. Whatever the conference, it's wise to consider the dress code. Keep comfort in mind, too. Is it a casual event? Wear dark wash jeans or leggings with a nice top. Professional? Try a blazer with slacks or a pencil skirt paired with power flats or low heels.

How do you make the most of events?
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